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First of all national governments of all the world including the U.S.A. need to be dismantled. The power needs to ge given back to the people, how do we do this, by alowing people to get paid to vote! Now let that sink in for a minute . Okay now that computers and robots are taking all the physical jobs away we need to come up with a better way for people to get paid and that is by voting on all rules and laws and getting paid to do it. This will allow all the richest individuals and corporations to spend their money to get things done that they want and it will allow the people to decide all the issues thats what computers are for to PAY US TO VOTE!!!!. Now dont listen to all the naysayers who tell you all the votes could ne hacked because there are ways to secure the votes with security policies like the Blockchain and others where everyone can check to see how everyone else voted if they need to, otherwise the majority rules and we can change laws every day or every month not to mention all the other issues of society people could get involved with groups they are interested in or just the laws of the government or whatever pays them the most people could sit on their devices all day and vote or spend a few hours a day researching the issues and voting! Who knows, But get Paid to vote and all the rich people and corporations spend your money and pay the People to vote for what you want! sign up and hit the “create” button to post your Viral Open List and share it so people can vote on which one they like best!!!

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