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The following is a rough draft and I may put it on Google Docs or something like that in case anyone wants to make an edit or has any ideas to improve this it will be posted on the N. Califonia Federal court website before *Feb.17th with the Honorable Judge Sandra Brown Armstrong presiding questions or edits PLEASE EMAIL Enkiberg *Feb. 17th that is a mutually agreed on deadline between Alphabet Inc.’s designees and myself for our “arbitration” Thank you

Preface to Motion: During these unprecedented times and having been advised of Federal rules of Civil procedure through due diligence and by the Pro-bono project of San Francisco and being a pro-se litigant I throw myself on the mercy of the court and your honor Sandra Brown Armstrong. If my forthcoming motion is unacceptable Please allow me to refile it following stricter rules of procedure. I can certainly refute each and every point of Alphabet Inc.’s points in its motion to dismiss or we could convert this to a class action. IMHO Alphabets motion to dismiss is merely a tactic to delay the inevitable.  Does Alphabet Inc. want to be leaders of or hold back society? That is the question they should be asking themselves However in the interest of time and society at large and to expedite matters and if Alphabet Inc. or your Honor has no objections I make my motion as follows.


  • In response to Alphabet Inc.’s. motions I Enlil Enkiberg am willing to drop all charges and claims against Alphabet Inc. in my previous motion if Alphabet Inc. or its designees were to agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. In the absence of that, we motion your honor for a court ordered summary judgement to compel Alphabet Inc. to comply, and in the absence of a summary judgement we humbly request your honor to order the immediate commencement of a trial by a Jury of our peers.

This document may be considered as Corporate Bylaws and Mission statements for


  • Who will be responsible for these terabytes of information flowing virtually on the internet  and how it affects society in the real world? The answer is we must all be responsible, each and every single human who cares is interested or a full voting member individual must be responsible to do something for the greater good. This proposal is one way to do achieve that goal.
  • I make these claims and seek this relief as a citizen of the united states of America. And as a human on the planet earth, and after having personally observed the consequences over the past 20 years of unfettered social media sprawl and “big tech monopolies” and finding no one even knowing what to do or seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything. Further, just over the last year the attack on the capitol, more murders and more protests around the country in almost every city, unprecedented civil and social unrest not to mention economic inequities and that’s just in the united states its happening around the globe. And has been getting worse for years, need I go on? There is a very serious problem with worldwide ramifications. IMHO not doing anything is totally unacceptable. I feel it incumbent on myself and on behalf of the citizens of the United States and the entire planet and being in the position I find myself in to actually do something about the problem our society finds itself in or at least to try.

Statements of fact

  • Alphabet Inc. a corporation with unprecedented worldwide reach into each and every citizen of this planets very home and mind with a small device Controls approx. 85% of this worldwide market. Not only that their Browser which every bit of information must stream through in mobile devices and desktops of which they have complete control of is estimated at approx. 65% of the entire world and let’s not forget their search engine Google which completely controls over 86% of the worldwide flow of information and data. Let’s face it Alphabet Inc. is the largest fastest growing and one of the richest, most powerful conglomerates the earth has ever known. But how did they get so wealthy so fast that is a question of major concern that everyone should be considering.


  • I do not begrudge Alphabets innovation or their money and power I am not here to debate the problems of monopolies or their worldwide unprecedented reach into the very minds of every citizen on the planet who uses the chrome browser or an android device but to point out the breadth and scope of their reach and to offer a solution to what I and seemingly the entire united states and world perceives as a problem. And that is the actual regulation of this information this social media to be done by Human Beings and how we distribute the wealth going forward.
  • I believe the internet truly is and can be the great equalizer for all of society.  The internet is and will continue to be one of the greatest transformations of and for society the world has ever seen.  We as a society must utilize this tool the internet in a way that unites us and helps society continue to grow. We as a society must designate a force for good and justice within the internet and society. We have gotten off to a rocky start with the “internet” the way it is today.

Proposal for Relief

  • What I am about to propose is nothing new and everything already exists in some format on the internet and in the world today we will need some time to put it all together in a VSLOW website format. What I am proposing is the way of the future it is the easiest way to voluntarily obtain data from the masses of people we call society and give them what they need in return And what society needs is order, purpose, and a reason to move forward.
  • IMHO this proposal is the AII or “All Included Intelligence” of today and the future of our society nothing artificial about it. The internet offers an easily scalable way to get data from and relief to people all in one step. This process is a transaction from the virtual to the real world. A transaction of something our society has come to value most and that is cash or credit and data or information. These transactions are what society needs and they have been corrupted and I intend to see society is adequately compensated for the information that we each contribute. What the people contribute is priceless and they must be paid through a salary or by the bit or gig type work and through direct payments and/or “social credit”. and IT40 will offer both and in time society will see this is the way for continued prosperity happiness and a bright future for all who care to contribute their opinion their vote their information and their data. We could follow the Facebook model and just promote it as a free service but that would miss the point of a virtual and real world is and this is a huge difference is a social media website that gathers your data and pays you for it.
  • We have to start somewhere and this is where we begin to transform the internet, our society our world starting with the Internet…. and

Terms for Relief

  • My terms are as follows any and all monies received from alphabet Inc. or any other organization for are put into a basic type trust fund and amortized annually and only the interest would be used to pay its employees and other operating costs. Alphabet Inc. and or their designated members would oversee any and all expenditures and help with the hiring of employees and any other technical or physical needs of the organization. David Ellenberger and or my designated staff would be consulted with and have an equal say with Alphabet in all matters and expenditures regarding for the foreseeable future. Could be considered part of Alphabet Inc. with David Ellenberger as President or “lead administrator” and headquartered in Louisville Ky. whereas would be a separate entity with David Ellenberger as CEO and funded separately with a discretionary fund also headquartered in Louisville ky. Alphabet Inc. having a vested financial and advisory interest in IT40 only The courts for each jurisdiction will be ad litem


Acronyms used

IMHO = In My Humble Opinion

VSLOW = Virtual Social Law Organization in the Real World

SAO = Socially Acceptable Online

OM or ONM – Online Monitor or Online Neighborhood monitor which is always made up of

selected or interested humans they will get paid a stipend or salary to act as official member = International Virtual Academy of Music And Photography  members must take court ordered oath of office and sign legal contract or promise

Watcher = member of and could be any interested individual from society must sign promise or contract

MLVVR = Map Ledger Voter Verification Record


IVAMP Mission Statement & Goals

  • or International Virtual Academy of music and photography shall be the codified into social law and authorized for and to set and publish online standards rules laws etc. IVAMP members will mainly determine what is SAO by Rank Vote. Every member of the group will have an equal vote on each issue and every member and vote will be verified by Biometrics and the MLVVR. shall be Comprised of selected and interested individuals. The members will be responsible for setting and promoting the cause of social online standards and social justice. will also be a full social media website with all the apps and functionality of any other social media website and open to the members with admin access as well as the general public. The general public will of course have a say in certain matters concerning and before the academy members and also be able to vote on certain matters.  The courts will be ad litem on an as needed basis but will take their cues from the standards decides upon. The main goal of the academy/organization will be to hire as many selected and/or interested parties that the “annual interest of the Trust Fund” affords, the exact salaries and duties are TBD. In general, the work of the employees or academy members would be to set find and share social media postings to the website set the standards for online social media, answer any questions and mainly to determine by rank vote, publish and promote SAO standards as needed again most standards will be determined by rank vote. will be responsible for any and all general activities of a worldwide social media standards organization. The would set the standards for all online media and communication up to and including broadcast and published media. will basically obtain any social media issues posted online or found by members or shared to it by the general public and decide if it is SAO possibly on a scale of 1-40 or simply yes or no the members will be responsible to vote and publish all of our standards on our website. Some procedures and payment processes are TBD  we could promote it annually  and with a big promotion once IVAMP is completely deployed within a 7 mos. timeline. Again it would be a social media website with all the functions of any social media site members would be required to meet regularly virtually and in the real world, and a listing of all members is always available for their group or any interested individual who needs help. mission Statement & Goals

  • is a social media post ranking website that determines the rank of social media postings mainly music videos, rank voting of items comes from the general public and/or website members it is also a basic social media website with rank voting on most postings made by the admin and or its members and will be considered a founding member of along with Alphabet Inc.


  • We would of course expect Alphabet Inc. to help with any and all physical and technical needs of the academy and the website and any and all physical needs office space if needed etc. At this time or until rules of procedure are determined David Ellenberger and Alphabet Inc.’s designees would determine the rules of procedure with in a 7-month timeframe or some other mutually agreed upon time line.
  • All employees and academy members would be required to and held to the strictest standards online and in their personal lives and the exact wording of any member or employee guidelines is to be determined.
  • I propose there be a 4 billion discretionary fund for my personal business and a 20 billion fund to pay academy members or employees and a 16 billion fund with the annual interest to be used to pay for cash & prizes for contests as payments for or to back a social credit fund etc. all monies from this fund to be paid to winners of our ranked contests and other events IT40 and may have. I propose a 50 50 split as to the amount each organization could use annually for these contests and other events
  • Accounting for Social Credit monies and prizes and the MLVVR can be maintained in a central location but available through any hub or device ie use the BlockChain method of security. Social Credit will be awarded for achieving and completing certain tasks on IT40 or websites it can be awarded to its voting members and general members. The voting members of may be referred to as OM’s or online monitors who have virtual online and practical functions in the real world and further will also function as admins for the website. We may refer to the general members as watchers or members. And anyone can have access to the MLVVR map ledger voter verification record.
  • For there will of course be other admins and technicians who actually administer the day to day functioning and maintenance of the website itself this can possibly be managed and integrated into Alphabet/Google servers. at this time will keep IT40 will be responsible for its own servers and day to day maintenance of its website

Final Analysis

  • Now it is my fervently hope that the courts in their good judgement and discretion will codify, monitor and occasionally advise IVAMP and IT40 for fairness and other legal and or procedural concerns as needed, further we hope the court will begin to enforce’s standards in the real world and to consult on any applicable punitive measures to be taken. And ultimately in the courts good judgement to grant and codify this proposal into social law along with all officer’s, admins and members of
  • Finally, I Enlil Enkiberg am open to any and all suggestions from you (society), opposing council or Alphabet Inc.’s designees and any concerns of the court pertaining to any matters regarding the formation of this Social Standards Academy or VSLO and

Suggested Procedures & Bylaws

  • Here are a few suggested Procedures we may agree to follow
  • This document may be considered the initial set of bylaws for and may be changed or altered as needed.
  • The 40 billion is to be considered Alphabet Inc.’s and InternetTop40.coms initial Buy in to the VSLO member group Alphabet Inc. and Enlil Enkiberg hereinafter referred to as IT40 will both have equal and sole discretion on the selection of initial members or until a regular procedure is agreed upon by alphabet Inc. its designees and it40 or its designees and pertaining to only. Further They will have sole discretion on any voting members or any other groups or members that may be added on as needed basis for any country language or group who will adhere to our oath and bylaws and the general upkeep and maintenance of the organization.
  • All selected or interested members including any Alphabet Inc. or IT40 designees who will become academy members must submit to or sign a social and court ordered oath of office and commit to following all of our standards and rules and must complete all work asked of and vote on all issues brought before the member group in the manner prescribed including possible public appearances and other civic duties outside of but part of’s bylaws

Basic Function of Social Credit/Currency will base it’s Social Credit/Currency partly on the number of any of our voting members who when adding their opinion or “vote” to any given topic or question, will  receive points for doing these actions and the actual value of each of these actions or points is TBD.  Voting or ticking a box on specific postings or questions adding any type of SAO content online or doing something in the real world that can be verified by video camera and/or other watchers is the new currency. This new currency or social credit  will be backed up by our IVAMP founding member trust fund which will initially be funded by Alphabet inc. and IT40. However in the future any interested individual who wants to become a Founding member or watcher/voting member and is willing to follow the IVAMP online and personal standards can become a watcher or founding member. Founding members of course must add at least 1 billion of any recognized or accepted currency or whatever is agreed to by the other founding members. That amount of currency will be taken and secured into the IVAMP trust fund to be used to pay any of IVAMPs general members/watchers/voters.  The number of new watchers that can then be recruited is of course based on the estimated maximum rates and the actual amount of currency that new founding members added to the trust fund. That currency will then be payable to our watchers in whatever currency they may be interested in. We of course tie the value of “ITcoin” to the votes or ticks or whatever you want to call them our members make. As opposed to mining receiving a big “ITCoin” payday from the number of votes and on certain postings or topics perhaps based on a simple algorithm.

*Actual payments to members in cash do not necessarily reflect the members standing reputation or actual number of points. The watcher may have. In the very near future we may convert all goods and services to cashless transactions and Biometrics and points will be used for every transaction


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Here is the Google Docs link to a copy of this document anyone should be able to edit it Thank you

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