Scamspiracy? Prove Me Wrong Ill pay you $500!

It’s a Scamspiracy Prove that any Hospital in Downtown Louisville, Ky. is Full of Patients within 24 hours

I really am getting sick of the insufferable BS coming from all the the broadcast news departments around the country. Hospitals overflowing, people dropping dead like flies (yeah 100 year old cancer patients Give me a break.)  In the words of a noted scholar it’s Fake News at it’s worst.

What kind of a scam is this. Who is benefitting form this complete shutdown of the world economy? WHO, that’s who. The WHO with the help of a few misguided billionaires and a few corrupt politicians along with ride’em cowboy media. The WHO is making some kind of weird power grab. Trying to teach the world a lesson More lies more BS. Simply a misguided attempt at a power grab by the WHO. Among other things.

Fortunately or maybe not, I live here in Louisville Kentucky and I would bet any money that no hospital is even 75% full!  I will give anyone who can bring me video taped proof from any hospital in Downtown Louisville being even 75% full $500 .

Yes $500 dollars to anyone that can bring me videotaped proof time stamped and from any Jewish Norton or Uof l hospital in Downtown Louisville, Ky. The video must show room by room, floor by floor with all the beds at least 75% full. Just take any video camera or your cell phone camera and walk the Floors. It wouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. That’s $1000/hour that is pretty good I would do it myself but I can only go to the front door of any of these hospitals I can’t get in. But you can, any administrator nurse, Doctor Janitor or anyone who works at any of these hospitals Go get that Video PROVE ME WRONG and GET PAID!

Once you have the video You can upload the video to my website. Click on the “Create List” button then go to the screen that says “Video” and upload it from your PC Phone camera or whatever. It’s as easy as uploading to youtube. It might take 5 minutes to upload depending on how long it actually is. The only condition is it must show every floor and every room and the people in the beds. We can blur out the faces if need be.

Then once the video is uploaded and we verify it we will pay you $500 through Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoin or your choice of Payment services.

Yes Prove me wrong. prove the nCovid-19 is real. Prove it’s not a “SCAMSPIRACY” Become a hero. But I say the video won’t come because it doesn’t exist the people aren’t there. Most hospitals are half empty nCovid-19 is a conspiracy to rob you of your Moral dignity. Do you really want to be dependent on the Government. They are begging us to do something. Because they sure as hell are they are taking our rights our dignity not only that they are insulting our intelligence. SO Prove me wrong Upload a video showing how full the hospitals are I dare you.

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