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We need a shake up in today’s society we need to change things completely and empower our citizens even more. Today’s society is so blown out of proportion and its mainly thanks to Politicians and the media but they are the cause and the solution let me explain. We here at propose that First off we immediately form “Citizens” neighborhood and city and state organizations with the help of the internet of course. We further propose that each citizen get paid one thousand dollars a month and the only job they will have is to follow their neighborhoods and cities issues and vote on all the issues. This may take a few years but we can do it. Secondly we institute a national blockchain vote online there are ways to insure the security and accuracy of the voting. (but that is a subject for another post)

It40 aka  propose that each neighborhood and city form citizens oversight groups and there job will be to debate all issues and to “hire” a Spokesperson to represent them in the national vote. These employees will be paid a nominal wage whatever the group wants to pay for extra duties outside of voting. Needless to say each neighborhood will be required to bring up and debate issues and to inform their spokesperson whoever that may be how they want them to vote on each national issue. The federal government/spokespersons  will now consist of all registered neighborhoods with their employee spokesperson who can be hired or fired at anytime and replaced. We anticipate approx 4000-5000 or more cities with a population of  10,000 will have registerd spokespersons/politician. We can then make other adjustments based on actual tax dollars generated from each neighborhood and its real need. It40 further proposes we have a national representative from each state and those can be picked by votes from each neighborhood/city/state or taken job applications or whatever In essence each state will have its own national representative whose main job will be to coordinate national media policy and the Armed Forces. We also propose each state be required to have its own media outlet similar to PBS but with a definite news type agency that follows each city and states Citizens Oversight Groups. The main force will be the voting by every citizen on every issue Majority rules but we can implement separate policies for each neighborhood as needed. (but that is a post for another time) We anticipate a new job category outside of the Blockchain vote which will be Vote Counters but that can be done by each citizens group.


What do you think?

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