Smoking Weed is Great Especially if your Gay and want to Rule the Universe!

it40 weed makes you gay

Lets face it weed is legal in so many states and will probably be legal in most of them by 2020! Now what the hell do I mean smoking weed is great especially if your gay. Well in the cases of some fish and other animals they can actually change from male to female by producing more female or male hormones. Smoking weed especially in males is proven to lower testosterone levels and other male hormones, thus reducing the sex drive. This is a scientifically & statistically provable result of males smoking marijuana. So my theory is also provable and statistically accurate smoking weed will make you more prone to becoming gay! LOL Simply because you wont be as interested in women because of your lowered hormonal levels. Humans are hormonal and chemical, organic robots. Furthermore the rise in use and the easy availability of weed and the increase of acceptance of  homosexuality is becoming more and more prevalent. The Arthur  the Aardvark cartoon shows that. Now this is neither good nor bad I truly believe it is the progression of society into a technologically more open & aware state. By that I mean we have so many humans on this earth we will need to be able to control every aspect of everything down to the molecular and genetic manipulation of males and females thus blurring the societal lines and creating a more equal and egalitarian mix of the sexes. Basically what I’m saying is the sooner we all look the same and act the same the better. If and when that day comes We will have truly progressed to a god like state and then be able to seed the rest of universe as we were meant to do. (I do not smoke weed but am in favor of legalizing all drugs as in the Portugal model. I further feel that all food and plant based food and drugs and other chemicals humans may take into their bodies should an inviolable right. Because all these living things are part of us and can only help further our evolution as humans and a society. Our society has become ridiculous and hypocritical in so many ways but we are working these problems out. Hopefully we as humans will all prevail and finally realize our true potential but I think that is still several decades away if not centuries.)


What do you think?

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