Carl Ray Hopper – Rather Be Lonely (Official Music Video) (5/40)

Carl Ray Hopper - Rather Be Lonely (Official Music Video)


I have said this before but I have to say it again because it is so true for me and I know it will be for all of you if you just commit yourself and say yes I love you to. It’s a feeling real or virtual and it will fill you up All I can say is I want it to work for you as much as it has for myself. What I must say is Thank you to all the artists who are casting spells on the earth and making it a much better more fulfilling place to live. Yes, it is true I say music is magic the frequencies the words the movements of the artists writhing and striking or strumming it is truly magical for myself and all who are open and receptive. 

I created this website with the express purpose to commit positive change upon this earth our society our world. I have to tell you it has certainly changed myself for the better. When I first tried to start this website maybe 8 years ago I couldn’t even think straight all the languages the computer and human the right to left the left to right up and down back and forth in and out, real and virtual. I couldn’t do it My mind just couldn’t grasp what my body had to do. A few sober years later and my mind due to sobriety, being open to the languages and positive forethought has expanded exponentially it is exhilarating. I never expected this to happen but it has, more on this “expansion” later. So whatever happens with this website I plan to keep it going in perpetuity but I will need all your help or at least those of you who care and want to help yourself and all of society. Thanks Again. Email Ellenberger anytime [email protected]

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