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Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live updated their cover photo.

‘SNL’: McKinnon spoofs Pelosi, Warren

Can you laugh about the government shutdown?

“Saturday Night Live” tried with a tart opening sketch that presented President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) playing the government shutdown version of “Deal or No Deal.”

“I want $5 billion for my border wall, and in exchange I’ll extend DACA, and I’ll release the kids from cages so they can be free-range kids,” Baldwin’s Trump told fill-in host Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson).

Trump wasn’t interested in a deal with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon). Harvey joked that seeing Trump and Pelosi bicker “is like watching two grandparents fight over the thermostat.”

Trump has been the main source of political comedy for the past two years. But “SNL” can spoof Democrats with equal aplomb. As Pelosi, McKinnon was wild-eyed and enjoying her new power in needling Trump.

On “Weekend Update,” McKinnon was first rate as Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic presidential candidate who answered the complaint that she isn’t likable. “Am I likable? Prob not,” McKinnon’s Warren said. “Neither is a prostate exam. But you need one or you’ll die. This country is long overdue for a finger up its caboose.” She added, “Bend over, America, and let Mama Warren get to work.”

“Weekend Update” host Colin Jost ridiculed Trump’s latest proposal on the shutdown: “You give me $5.7 billion and I’ll give you back the Dreamers. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds like a hostage negotiation?”

Jost dismissed Trump’s protections are vague promises. “I trust the promises of Donald Trump about as much as I trust R. Kelly in a Claire’s boutique,” Jost added.

Jost ridiculed Greta Van Fleet, the rock band that was musical guest. “Sunday night will bring a Super Blood Wolf Moon, which is rare lunar eclipse and not as I assumed the name of the band that just performed on our show,” Jost said.

Jost also delivered the Florida joke that crops up in most episodes. The topic: a woman who stole watches and hid them in her vagina. “Officials became suspicious when the woman took a licking but kept on ticking,” Jost said.

Charming Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan was host of the first “SNL” of 2019. “SNL” spoofed her “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” by presenting “The Raunchiest Miss Rita” with Leslie Jones as a foul-mouthed comedian.

In her funniest sketch, a newscast spoof, Brosnahan was a doctor reading off the odd names of missing persons in a minor California earthquake.

Brosnahan helped promote the product Leave Me Alurn, an urn that women use to thwart annoying men. Brosnahan was a contestant on “Millennial Millions,” a game show — and surprisingly edgy skit — that spoofed millennials and baby boomers. Brosnahan was a guest on a talk show whose host (Jones) teaches viewers to treat their husbands like misbehaving dogs.

On “Weekend Update,” Pete Davidson worked with John Mulaney. They marveled that Clint Eastwood plays a 90-year-old drug mule in “The Mule.”

But Davidson touched on real events ever so briefly. “After observing John’s life, I publicly threatened suicide,” Davidson said. He added: “I’m sorry I shouldn’t make that joke. But it is funny.”

This “SNL” gave viewers a lot to discuss.

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