Lala Loses It When Raquel Brings Up Her Dad | Vanderpump Rules After Show (S7 Ep15) Part 1 (11/12)

Lala Loses It When Raquel Brings Up Her Dad | Vanderpump Rules After Show (S7 Ep15) Part 1

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Vanderpump Rules: Lala Kent rants at James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss during major raging meltdown


PUBLISHED: 04:32 EDT, 19 March 2019 | UPDATED: 12:56 EDT, 19 March 2019

Lala Kent revealed on social media Monday that she was an alcoholic in a moving video.

Just hours later, the 29-year-old reality star was shown having a complete raging meltdown on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules.

Lala during the episode titled Trouble In Lala-Land admitted she was ‘road-raging through life’ when she angrily called Billie Lee a ‘snake’ at the weekly brunch she hosts at SUR.

Open wound: Lala Kent was shown having a complete raging meltdown on Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules

She then completely lost it when she heard James Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel Leviss accuse Lala of ‘dad blaming’ – using the death of her father, Kent Burningham, as an excuse for her bad behavior.

As James looked on nervously, Lala turned on Raquel, accusing her of having a ‘screw loose’ and not empowering other women, snapping as Raquel tried to answer: ‘Be quiet – I’m speaking!’

‘I don’t empower you because I think you’re pathetic,’ she screamed at Raquel as their friends in SUR looked on.

‘How f***ing dare you say that I am using my dad as an excuse – shut the f*** up. Don’t ever – do not ever f***ing bring up my dad.’

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Holding hands: James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss held hands as they arrived at SUR for his brunch gig

Finger point: Lala lost it after hearing Raquel accuse her of ‘dad blaming’ – using the death of her father, Kent Burningham, as an excuse for her bad behavior

Lala finally told her: ‘Guess what? I thought you were a f***ing dummy before my dad died you f***ing Bambi-eyed b***h.’

Billie Lee finally pulled them apart, with Raquel complaining to others: ‘I get that she’s going through so much, and I can’t even comprehend, but that doesn’t give her an excuse to treat people like this.’

Lala was comforted by Brittany Cartwright, 29, who sympathized when Lala complained about her dad’s death being spoken about.

Held back: Brittany Cartwright intervened as Lala also went after brunch host Billie Lee

But Lala lost her when she insisted that she was ‘above’ James and Raquel.

‘I don’t think I’m better than people. But I know when I’m above someone. And I’m above you,’ she said of Raquel. ‘I’m better than them.’

James – who had been elated to DJ for the first time at SUR since getting fired – finally came over to calmly confront Lala.

Stepping in: James stepped in to defend Raquel after Lala went off on her

When he said he did not appreciate her talking to Raquel that way, Lala snapped: ‘She should stop being a c***.’

After sayin her gut told her James was a ‘bad f***ing guy,’ she grew further incensed that he did not react.

‘You’re still sitting there loving the fact that you got to f*** Lala,’ she said of her ex.

High road: The British DJ kept calm while dealing with Lala

‘Good for you baby – the only successful thing you’ll ever have in your life.’

As he tried to reply, she snapped: ‘Get the f*** out of here James before I f***ing peel your face from your skull.’

She then further alienated Brittany when she told her: ‘I’m going through so much more than anybody in this room could ever imagine.’

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Too far: Brittany didn’t agree with Lala saying she was ‘above’ James and Raquel

Billie Lee finally threw out Lala, who snarkily told her: ‘Not only are you boring to speak to you’re boring to look at.’

‘Really? Your dress is 1995,’ Billie Lee replied, with Lala insisting to camera later that it was ‘J-Lo from 2000 at the Grammys and it’s one of the most iconic looks ever.’

While Lala claimed her meltdown was sparked by the ‘dad blaming’ comment, the seeds of her discontent were shown earlier when she had complained of her growing hatred for James and Raquel.

Iconic look: Lala was channeling Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards

‘I feel like it’s a luxury to be friends with me,’ she told Stassi Schroeder, 30, and Ariana Madix, 33, as they supported her at a recording session.

‘You don’t just get that opportunity and then f*** it up and get it again. No. That’s not how life works.

‘It’s taking everything in me not to f****ing put my paws on this clown. I wanna drag his skinny British a** so bad. He and his girlfriend are both f***ing twots.’

Showing support: Stassi Schroeder and Ariana Madix supported Lala at a recording session

James was worried that the fight at SUR would be misconstrued by owner Lisa Vanderpump, 58, and so he went to tell her about it and report on how well behaved he was.

She was suspicious because of his previous behavior, with him admitting he was suffering as the ‘boy who cried wolf.’

But he tried to prove his changed ways by telling her he would stay away from the official opening party at TomTom to avoid ‘drama.’

Not happy: Lala also badmouthed James and Raquel at the recording studio

‘As gutted as I am, I won’t come tonight,’ he told Lisa.

That will prove welcome news to Tom Sandoval, 35, who had begrudgingly invited James to the opening despite knowing it would spark trouble, especially with business partner Tom Schwartz’s wife Katie.

‘Is the world gonna end? No,’ Tom said.

Brunch date: Tom Sandoval and Ariana watched the drama go down during brunch

‘Should I probably keep the motorcycle running just in case Katie tries to murder me? Yes, maybe,’ he said of a motorbike and sidecar the Toms bought to ride up to the opening.

Earlier, James had insisted Katie was trying to ‘sieve me out of this entire group,’ saying: ‘I haven’t met the devil yet but she’s coming f***ing close.’

Katie, Stassi, and Kristen Doute, meanwhile, went for a girls’ night at Scheana’s new apartment – with her ‘bestie’ Adam there as a ‘hot bartender.’

The hostess: Scheana invited the girls to her new place in Marina del Rey

Stassi was baffled over her friend’s ‘facade that they’re not in a relationship’ despite Adam being a great choice compared to her usual bad matches.

‘This is legit the most Scheana thing Scheana’s ever Scheanaed,’ Stassi said.

She later told Lisa how they were ‘friends with benefits,’ saying: ‘He doesn’t want a relationship; I don’t want a relationship.’

Candid conversation: Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Kristen Doute had a candid conversation after arguing about Kristen’s boyfriend

‘Then you shouldn’t be sleeping with him,’ Lisa, 58, insisted. ‘You’re gonna get hurt. I know you – if you’re sleeping with somebody your heart’s involved.’

However, Scheana joked later: ‘Everyone needs to let me do me – and Adam do me. That’s it.’

The get-together at Scheana’s was also the first time the girls got together with Kristen after their fight over her boyfriend Brian Carter.

+No relationship: Scheana was in a sexual relationship with Adam but not boyfriend and girlfriend

Good one: The reality star joked ”Everyone needs to let me do me – and Adam do me. That’s it’

After Kristen, 35, told Katie she ‘s*** on the person I love,’ Katie finally apologized, insisting her outbursts came from ‘genuine good intentions.’

‘All we want for Kristen is for her to be in a happy, loving relationship where she feels appreciated and that there’s mutual respect,’ Katie said later. ‘I love her and I just want her to be happy and everything she deserves.’

Kristen also went to see Lisa Vanderpump about TomTom’s official opening after being the only one not invited to the DailyMailTV party at the bar.

Apology offered: Katie apologized after Kristen expressed her disappointment

Lisa begrudgingly allowed her to attend because she was being invited by both Toms, which Kristen wrongly took as the mogul warming to her.

Lisa, however, was more amazed at Kristen’s cleavage-revealing dress.

She joked later: ‘Maybe she wants to keep me abreast of the situation. Clearly, she wants to get something off her chest.’

Plunging neckline: Kristen wore a revealing dress for a meeting with Lisa Vanderpump

Brittany Cartwright was told she may have an ulcer – and was warned by her doctor to avoid all alcohol, saying ‘even a little bit could tip you over.’

‘I’m going to go to Mexico on Wednesday so I don’t know,’ Brittany admitted to the doctor, with boyfriend Jax Taylor warning: ‘It’s not worth it.’

Vanderpump Rules returns on Bravo next Monday.

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