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We here at IT40 advocate for voting online from a Bio-Certified Dedicated line. However in our First Hypothetical election poll. We ask you to *Vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Vote your conscience or vote them in or out. We don’t really care who you vote for. The main point is you have to care you have to vote for someone it is soon to become the most important job you will ever have. This is the future Vote and Care that you do, it is soon to be the only job anyone will have and get paid to do.

*As far as we here at IT40 are concerned they can both be president because neither one of them are doing a thing to help “We the People” Further we state that we do not need people like “career politicians” telling us what to do. We can all be our own politicians, vote on all the issues and hire “at will” employees to represent us.

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  • Vote forPresident of the United States of America? This is the poll click the one you want then view the results….

    • Donald Trump
    • Joe Biden


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