Taylor Swift Drunk Dials Her Ex

Taylor Swift can’t “shake off” her feelings for ex-love Calvin Harris — but insiders said she’s lived to regret it!  “Taylor thinks she threw away a good man,” a spy spilled. “When she has too much to drink, she gets very sentimental about him.”The 27-year-old singer bottomed out over the holidays — while her squad of supermodel pals celebrated with their significant others! “Taylor tipped a few too many and decided to call him to wish him a happy holiday, but it ended up being a drunken voicemail, begging his forgiveness and admitting she’d done him wrong!” a source told The National ENQUIRER who told The star was horrified by her antics the next morning, wishing she could rewind and erase the voicemail — but insiders said DJ Calvin was cool about it. “He’s a great guy,” said the spy, “and she knows she totally screwed it up by getting way too big for her boots, but he’ll never take her back. Not in a million years!”

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