The Coronavirus is a Pandemic or its “Internet God Syndrome” or Both

More about IGS later in this editorial. Back to the first point we have to let these diseases run their course. Im going to tell you about 2 serious problems in the world today. First of all it is Irresponsible for the head of the W.H.O. to claim the coronavirus is a pandemic it may be but it is apparently unstoppable and the words are only meant to invoke fear. Not only that, now they are trying to make us feel guilty if we don’t all sit at home and do nothing let the economy collapse not pay our bills. These people have an ulterior motive, no doubt about it. Most of the people saying these types of things don’t have to worry about whether or not the economy is collapsing or the supply chain is broke and 10% of the population in the United States is going broke, these people can afford not to work for months if need be.  Not to mention, supposedly the “Health Community” is doing everything they can. Now for sure the coronavirus is killing people but even using their numbers of a 6% mortality rate, the overall numbers are still minuscule and there is ultimately nothing we as average citizens can do.

So what If I told you that I am a very religious person and that the coronavirus is Gods way of getting rid of the evil in our world today, haven’t heard that one yet. Or what if I said I know for a fact the earth is alive and trying to rid itself of this pest called humanity. Or what if I said I’m an economist and getting rid of the chaffe is good for the economy because all these sick old people are a tremendous drain. Would you believe any of those things?  So what do we do? Exactly what we are doing. Most people I talk to think the same thing, the media is definitely blowing it all out of proportion.

And now for the second virus or lets call it a disease or sickness of the mind.  Some of the people saying coronavirus is a  pandemic and everyone should stay home and do nothing think that just because we have worldwide instantaneous communication that whatever they say is the gospel. These people also must think, that if they say it long enough and loud enough it will miraculously come true, It wont.  Let me be the first to tell you that people who think that way are either just plain evil have an agends or are crazy or all of the above. Some of these people in positions of power have definitely let this little bit of power go to their heads, it is a form of insanity. Lets call it the “Internet God Syndrome” IGS for short And some of the older generation who grew up on basic media and now have the internet and are in positions of power have it. So we have 2 problems here a real virus that is killing people and insane people in power with IGS. What is a world supposed to do? In this case its either hope they all get coronavirus and die or realistically and in this case it is completely appropriate to do “nothing” we have to let both of them run their course, in the meantime hope that the younger generation will come to their senses or someone will come to power with some actual sense. And maybe just maybe we already have that.

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