Our “Election Process” and How to Fix it like 1,2,3

The real problem is “they” don’t want to change the process. When I say “they” I mean all politicians. The way the system is now it is very easy to corrupt. Mail in ballots??? They could be dead people or the same person voting 10 times or everyone listed over 18 with a social security number. We don’t know this information and “they” don’t want us to.

There is an easy alternative and it is basically already set up. 1. the internet. 2. Bio verified lines to the voting device 3.Blockchain type voting software so anyone and everyone can look and verify there vote from a street level up to the state and then federal level. There is no privacy when it comes to your job in public and Voting is your new job and constitutional right especially when you get paid to do it. so let’s get serious. As it is we do not have this very basic set up for our Elections. We here at InternetTop40.com offer our services to the world to develop this voting system and to implement it before the next presidential election. 4 years from now. We have 80% of this already in place. So let’s Do IT40

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