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Beth Chapman
200K+ searches

Beth Chapman
#1 Paid for Search and we notice either the internet use is down significantly or google just lowered the threshold today this search starts at 200K according to “google” if you believe them and I do on matters of actual numbers of searches. Because they don’t tell us about all of the other searches they pick the ones they like and that pay the most as we have discussed. Needless to say Beth Chapman is in a medically induced coma according to Dog “the bounty Hunter” Chapman and I have to say this whole thing sounds fishy. Because I thought she was in a drug induced coma starting in season 3 of Dog the Bounty Hunter which ended in 2012. You remember season 3 that’s when those two, Dog and Beth got married. LOL But to promote yourself this way is almost disgusting but they do have a new show coming on WGN America soon called “Dogs Most Wanted” and there it is! I knew they were selling something the show is coming if she lives and they do look kind of disgusting so we will let it pass this time. I guess a medically induced coma is basically the same as an operation to remove throat cancer which is what she actually has! Definitely not the smoothest PR move saying your wife is in a “medically induced come” but it worked.
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100K+ searches

#2 Desmond Amofah Etika his belonging were found on a bridge in manhattan. The police found them and that was after he disappeared wednesday after he posted some video reference about suicide. But they havent found a body yet! So if you know anything call the Manhattan Police. Or Im sure we havent heard the last of Etika he was just tired of always being at the bottom of the most searched list the poor baby only had or excuse me has 130,000 followers on youtube. HMMMMM we wonder was this all another big publicity stunt…….


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BET Awards 2019
100K+ searches

#3 a Definite Paid for search buut by the time you read this it will probably be all over it is tonight thats sunday 06/23 in L.A. at Microsoft Theatre So if yiou dont have a ticket you will have to wait til tommorrows list to see any real pics but thats only if they rank High enough and maybe they could only afford one day. Here is a look at some past BET Awards and the promo video…
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Argentina vs Qatar
100K+ searches

#4 Argentina beat Qatar 2-0 and into the quarterfinals of the Copa America games. and i will say the next 4 searches are all sports related so will will stop at #5 but here is the highlights and some insti-pics for the big game….

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Colombia vs Paraguay
100K+ searches

#5 Colombia beats Paraguay 2-0 and will also be in the quarterfinals of the Copa America and the next 2 searches are sports realted as well a cricket game at #6 Pakistan vs South Africa and then more soccer at #7 France vs Brazil  So we will leave it at that!
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