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Hong Kong
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#1 Real News How hard would it be for Hong Kong to spontaneously amass a crowd of a million or more people in the streets. Obviously very easy. Hong Kong is the most compact city in the world in other words more people are crowded into a smaller area than any other city. So the people Wednesday were protesting a law that china is trying to pass that would allow them to more easily take people from Hong Kong to mainland china for whatever they claim to be an offense.  Most of the people had been their since dawn and this was the second day of mass protests. The chinese army and police were prepared all in riot gear and were shooting tear gas and rubber bullets etc. into the crowds. It could have been a lot worse but apparently no deaths and just a few injuries to some of the protesters. Overall the people think that the law will get passed but that they have to stand up to china. Because if you didn’t know they were completely free and under british rule until 1997 when Britain gave Hong Kong back to china. China said they would keep everything the same and that they would keep Hong Kong the way it had been. But china has been encroaching on the rules tightening its control little by little and the people don’t like it. Neither does america and all the american businesses in Hong Kong. Over all Hong Kong is only about 8 million to china’s 1.4 Billion but it is a huge symbol to china and they wont give up easily. It could very well be the beginning of the end for Chinese control and the communist rule. But that could take years to unfold. We shall see. Ranks this is a Real Search and Thanks Google for including it in their Daily Trends and hopes they will continue to have more real news in the Daily trends or at least give us the “Citizens” a more comprehensive look at the real searches that are happening on google. That is another issue we shall see about in the not too distant future. If that Happens we vote to make google our new religion. But can we even trust what they say the searches are? That is another subject that only time and can tell you. But this is important stuff just put yourself in their shoes watch this video it is unbelievable Hong Kong……
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Selena Gomez
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#2 Selena announces her first album in 4 years. Oh Boy if this isn’t a paid for search I don’t know what is. Yes she has fans but she is not that good at singing.Or let me put it in a nicer way take anyone from a young age who is good looking and can dance and sing pretty good and train them and push them to be a star and put lots of money into them like disney does. Well then it could be anybody. Because that’s what disney is a huge business to market entertainment and if your lucky enough to become a “Mouseketeer” and don’t screw your life up to much and still want to be an entertainer when your older. Then you will be on the best path to do so. Now with the help of the internet and social media you are practically guaranteed worldwide adulation. Needless to say we can hardly wait to actually hear the album. We don’t really care and wont listen to it but we will be waiting to just hear that it is actually out and we could listen if we wanted to. But that just hasn’t happened yet….Anyway check out this clip isn’t Jimmy Fallon a jackass? It almost makes me really like Selena Gomez but nah!! see for yourself.
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Australia vs Pakistan
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#3 Crickets chirping OMG it’s the World Cup of Cricket its happening now over in England and the link in the title of the #3 search explains how you can see it all on the internet even if you don’t live in england just get a VPN or one of those type of IP hacks or whatever you want to call it. But don’t miss a minute of cricket and again the “how to see all of the World Cup cricket matches, is in the link.
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Bruins Game 7
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#4 more sports related and paid for searches. People looking for where to watch or the results of the hockey game, how mundane.
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Max Landis
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#5 Who is Max Landis who is Whitney Moore well we guess he is some wanna be actor and he found the fastest way to get fame or maybe she did. Well you Either actually commit some type of weird sexual misconduct or talk your ex into accusing you or maybe they thought it up all on their own. (the accusing part that is but who knows she could have planned the whole thing) He probably did it but this is the newest fastest way to get famous. Get accused by someone even if they never heard of the me too movement or crimes of sexual deviance. Let’s face it our whole society is perverted we love to hear about sex and if we aren’t open enough to watch or participate we want to hear about all the awful deviant things they did to each other every single detail in lurid step by step english. lol So now we know who he is and who she wants to be, anyway here is a video to maybe explain it better and some insti-pics of all the positions BTW this search is complete BS make up your own mind why we would say that. The incident was over a year ago and the ex just remade the accusation on social media again today how did it get to number 5? Paid for Search that’s how and why we say this is complete BS!
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Britt McHenry
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#6 another who? well if you cant afford a real paid for search just accuse them of sexual harassment. It works every time just ask anyone at Fox News which I think is where Britt McHenry who we think is a female who knows who cares more video and insti-pics to prove our point. and that point is if you cant afford to pay to be on our list accuse someone of sexual harassment “Nuffsaid” thats a joke if you get it your smarter than you look Im not going to bother to explain just watch the video… Because she actually is a Hottie. I guess just not hot enough!
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Gabriele Grunewald
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#7 the ultimate way to get onto our History of the moment most searched for or Top40 list for short and that is to die. Yes she is dead from cancer at 32 olympic hopeful athlete who chronicled her fight with cancer on social media. IDK if that’s so good but it definitely hits home for me. I will say I am currently going through a similar situation. My best friend (she’s a Girl) of over 30 years was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer there is no prognosis yet she is in her 4th stage of chemo. It seems to be working but my god they cut her in half while she was in the hospital for a month. I guess I went through all the stages of grief and loss in the first 2 weeks of her being in the hospital which was just a couple months ago but seems like ages. And all I can say is I think Ill be okay and I hope she will be too. She certainly seems happy enough she has always been a carefree spirit orphaned at birth brought up in a convent in northern Ireland. Anyway our condolences go out to all the friends and family of Ms. Grunewald and I can honestly say to her friends and loved ones I can relate I’m with you if you need anything just message top40 from the dashboard of this website.
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