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Copa America 2019
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#1 Sports Related searches all about the Big America’s Soccer tournament Copa America 2019. It is an awesome tournament of teams all based in america, central america and south america. We say forget Europe and Africa Central America is where civilization really began. Back to the search term, Sports related searches you know what we say about them looking for where to watch when to watch and scores if any.
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Flag Day
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#2 probably a Google Paid Search. It is their lame attempt to get people to be more cultured and knowledgeable just like Google. Personally I don’t think anyone would even know or care otherwise. The first american flag waved June 14 1777 you figure the rest. And it was yesterday if you weren’t sure.
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Maren Morris
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#3 Slut Shaming?? WTF is that? She is a Hot as F^$# Goddess. Maybe they thought it would bring more publicity and it usually does but it is usually planned that way. But we don’t care we love and respect her. She can be on one of our lists anytime.(PLEASE Message top40 from the dashboard!) ttyl
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Pat Bowlen
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#4 Death Search He was the owner of the Denver Broncos died from Alzheimer’s at the age of 75. Our condolences go out to friends and family.
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Murder Mystery
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#5 We should just call Google Netflix and Netflix Google. This is a paid for search in every respect. This is a murder mystery in the spirit of an Agatha Christie novel whoever that is and two actors Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are the lead characters and married in the story, whoever they are. Here is a trailer for the Murder Mystery Oh Boy!! BTW WTF is this shit of the top google searches being an article from a newspaper that you cant read unless you subscribe? Is that really the way of the future? We are not convinced, what we are convinced of is that if you have enough money you can be #1 in any Google Search anytime all the time that is a joke very subjective if you know what we mean.
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#6 Now this is business news but still smells like a Paid for Search its the Whataburger Chain What? based out of san antonio texas and formerly completely owned by the Dobson family. But the dobson’s sold the majority of shares to some Holding company called BDT out of chicago. Man they sold out. Oh well we shall see Im sure they are still making money people like Whataburgers where ever they are.
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Limpet mine
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#7 Limpet Mine is a mine that hangs on magnetically to the side of a boat or something metal and then blows a hole in it. The limpet Mine is what the Trump administration  claims Iran used to blow up a couple tankers in the Straits of Hormuz the  other day and they have the worst video proof. Anyway the video shows somebody seemingly taking something off the side of a boat. Oh well blow them the hell up at least keep the wars out of the americas. Better yet let the europeans handle it. Yeah that would be good!
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