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Gloria Vanderbilt
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#1 definitely a paid for death search. Everyone knew the name if they had a high school education or watched any broadcast television or cable news shows today. Not too mention the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and her most famous son the queer Anderson “likes it up the pooper” Cooper. lol just kidding we love LGBTQ’s at in fact I tried my ass off to be one but just couldn’t cut it. Needless to say old G.V. was spoiled rotten to the core but a good lady at heart I am sure.
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Taylor Swift
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#2 Another talent less hack with a bigger little black book than Gloria Vanderbilt. According to Taylor Swift its not what you know but who you know. And if her latest video is any indication she lives up to that saying big time. We really do love her the “talent less hack” jibe was just to make sure you were paying attention. Here is the video and some Insti-pics….
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Strawberry Moon 2019
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#3 Another one we are not completely sure about. All we know is according to the Farmers Almanac for Indian tribes they say it was the time to pick strawberries.
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Raptors parade
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#4 Oh yeah over a million people thronging in the streets to see the raptors after their big win up their in good old Toronto and then gun shots rang out. People were injured but not killed the shooters were arrested the guns confiscated alls well that ends well. Our advice is don’t go to toronto after the raptors win the NBA Finals.
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Kyle Kashuv
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#5 Who? Oh yeah the douche bag kid who rode death and horror all the way to the box office. I guess Harvard which Knows all See’s all realized the Awful truth. Poor little Douche Bag. We’re sure he will land on his feet somewhere, so don’t feel too sorry. We don’t he’s just a number on our list but hey little guy if you feel like responding the forum is all yours! Come to think of it he looks like Anderson’s type. hmmm…..
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West Indies vs Bangladesh
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#6 Paid for search Big time. Did we also mention Sports related two of the biggies and borings Cricket at that and Paid for Searches. You cant get any more corporate than that.
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Dallas shooting
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#7 FBI murders suspected shooter before he enters the Dallas Federal Building. Now they are looking for reasons why including scouring his social media accounts. Because according to Desarno the FBI agebt in charge Brian Isaak Clyde “was of no investigative interest” so its a damn good thing they found those 40 rounds of ammunition on him after they killed the poor SAF (That’s Stupid as F#$*)
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