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Google Calendar
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#1 This list should be called the who cares and what not to do and where not to go list. Google calendar which I do not personally use was down for about 3 hours today. OMG! I cant do anything without my Google Calendar Thank god I don’t use it! But here is a tutorial so you can….
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#2 Remember the #7 most searched for yesterday “Dallas Shooting” well today its just “Dallas” and  the photographer Tom Fox who was stuck in the middle of the big Shootout took the really scary picture of the now dead guy Brian Isaak Clyde. Flying Bullets Oh My!
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Dominican Republic deaths
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#3 The american tourist Death Toll is now up to about 9 this year alone. The Dominican Republic is a place you tell all your enemies to go and visit and just hope they win the Death Lottery. Seriously our best advice is to not go to The Dominican Republic for any reason ever.
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Max Landis
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#4 This particular search is in the who cares and who is this guy anyway. But this particular search is also a lesson in how to get onto our list. Just remember anyone you had sex with years ago call them up and tell them to call the nearest news station, news channel or general gossip columnist and ask them to tell the person/reporter or whoever they happen to get on the phone with or send an email to, that you sexually harassed them years ago and that they have proof. That is harder to do than you think even if it is true most sexually harassed people either don’t remember or just want to forget. But these days it certainly can pay to remember. Now it of course helps if you are already semi rich and famous but is not necessarily the only way to get on our list. We have to warn you the following video is boring as $h!#!! So in that light we found Anna Akana And added her Insti-pics instead of his, she is much better looking than “Maxi-pad” at least he was good for something.
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Chris Paul
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#5 Sports related search and this one is almost as good as sexual harassment just tell the managers or owners of the team you simply cant work with James Harden. At least that’s what Chris Paul from Houston hopes will get him traded to anywhere but Houston.
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Brett Favre
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#6 Another Sports related search, a definite who cares and according to Brett Favre “someone hacked My instagram account’ We say BS! He knows who did it but just isnt saying. It was probably someone close to him who misses the limelight or simply thought that’s what Brett really wanted. But TMZ called and he said no way. He is not going back to the NFL! But he could definitely use the publicity I know he is selling something…….
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Fortnite patch notes
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#7 Paid for search about Fortnite. Some patch # 9.30 to be exact which adds more crap you can buy and do. So get the Fortnite patch notes quick they will never run out and its free but you can buy more useless worthless magical weapons and other things that might actually keep you alive in that seems real to you Fortnite world!
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