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#1 What is it and How does useless trivia like this get spread around. Or maybe its real history like commemorating the day we give all former slaves a million dollars to move back to Africa that would be a celebration to have. LOL Sign me up! I love Africa!
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Hope Hicks
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#2 Hope Hicks the hottest presidential adviser. OMG I hope that isnt sexual Harrassment because its true. Needless to say the pathetic dems wont be getting much out of her except for a look of disgust. What a bunch of pathetic worthless and corrupt scum. All politicians that is not just the Dems. Even though they are clearly trying to make something up about trump because they don’t like him they are scared of him and each others shadows. You know the usual political BS Steal your money tell some lies rip off the public tell some more lies!
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Mike Conley
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#3 Who? all we know is its sports related about basketball. Go figure they think one player is going to make the Utah Jazz contenders for the playoffs next year. Well we can hardly wait.
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Keith Raniere
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#4 The leader of NXIVM I remember when this came out charges of a sex cult slavery ring of some sort but the website says its a business for self improvement. MY god these people had too much time on their hands and were obsessed with sex. I don’t doubt it for a minute but it was probably blown way out of proportion because in some circles that is considered normal behavior role playing and what not. But I guess we will really never know for sure just let your imagination run wild then pull it back a few notches and that’s probably what really almost happened.
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Whoopi Goldberg
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#5 Pompous hypocritical BS shaming Bella Thorne for nude pics. I would say Whoppi needs to stick with topics she knows something about which would be nothing. Seriously though Whoopi you can shame me anytime its David Russell with
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Colombia vs Qatar
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#6 Sports related remember the Copa Cobanna 2019 Soccer tournament. Well it started and Colombia beat qatar Good Job Clombia. This is still a paid for search Please dont forget to find the times of matches and how and where to watch online. Here is a video of highlights and a link to some scheduling info oh yeah and Insti-pics
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Auburn baseball
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#7 yeah its over for Auburn baseball, they lost to Louisville in the College World Series. We also predict Louisville will win the College World Series of Baseball.
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