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Shawn Mendes
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#1 We like Pop music just as much as the next person. But we love Camilla Cabello, which is why we know this is a Paid for Search. Yes they have a new song out called Senorita and yes they have both had hits before. Yes he has had more #1’s But she is way better looking the search should have been for “Camilla Cabello” and we loved the song “Never Be the Same again” it should have made it to #1! Needless to say Camilla you can call us anytime, leave your boyfriend or girlfriend or “rents” at home. Here is the Vid…It’s Okay I guess……
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Cardi B
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#2 Sorry no new songs from Cardi B but I guess all the fame and Drugs went to her head she is going to prison. Now she might be able to have some real street cred, but only if she actually does at least a few months in stateville or whatever prison they have up in New york or wherever this has been has been endicted.
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Solsticio de verano
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#3 Id like to know what Dope at Google picked this to be #3 Solsticio de verano??? WTF it’s just Summer Solstice in spainish. Like we dont know that was #4 yesterday remember Summer Solstice 2019? Yeah like we cant remember or let’s think what are the implications of the same search in spainish coming in higher than the english version? Maybe that spainish people pay more attention to time or maybe spainish speaking people are more superstitious? How does that sound Mr. Search term Picker at Google it sounds pretty racist to me! Well people cant help it our society is racist to the core none of us can help it or at least most of us can’t But enough of that how did we get onto that subject. Oh yeah and the fact that they put a spainish phrase into an english speaking countries daily trends list. Now it may be quite true over 100,000 searches were made into the google search engine from the United states on this day by 8:30 pm EST. But why? We know there are 1000’s of other searches that they leave out of this list. We know there are 1000’s of search terms with more searches for them that Google leaves out of this list. So why did they pick a spainish phrase. I just want you to think about that for awhile and we can talk more about that later. But in the mean time here is the video all in spainish we can pander just as well as Google can…
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Alex Morgan
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#4 Womens World Cop of Soccer, Sports related and of course hottie related. (If you didnt know I am a single male) Alex Morgan on the U.S. team couldnt play because of an injury. Or so they say……But really who cares about womens soccer here is her SI swimsuit video……
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Toy Story 3
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#5 Are they kidding us Toy Story 3 Who is in charge of The Toy Story PR? And BTW Google is totally slipping and not only pandering to the races but pandering to the money. as in Paid for Searches. Now they are making up imaginary computer viruses to talk about a movie that is out now and doing great but not good enough. There is just no way they can beat out the Infinity War. But Go see it for yourself and let me know what you think. I will admit I have personally never seen any Toy Story ever. Am I really missing anything I know I’m not. But I’m telling you, you are missing out and you just have to go and see it and decide for yourself. I could be crazy I might not have a clue what I am talking about so there you go all the reason you go and see “Toy Story 4”
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Jordan Bone
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#6 Going in the First round at 57th overall? And he thought no one would pick him aww how sweet. Man this guy has a good PR team Jordan Bone. Hey bone can you send me your PR Teams phone number? Here is what happened at his cry baby draft party…..
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NHL draft
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#7 yes the NHL draft is over as well. Some freak got drafted by the New Jersey Devils.
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