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#1 Well his dream finally came true 1 million searches. Etika’s body was found and positively identified last night on the river banks in Manhattan. Near Where his belongings had been found on a bridge. Our condolences to friends and family.
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Stephanie Grisham
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#2 One of the best Public relations jobs in the world White house Press Secretary. Not only will Stephanie Grisham make almost 180K a year but she will get to meet all the other top journalists in the world and they will be coming to her. The salary alone puts her in the Top 5% of earners so considering she is a trump loyalist and is supposedly taking on a couple of other job titles like communications director for all publicity she might end up making more money than any of them, the rest of the staffers that is. Good Luck Ms. Stephanie Grisham you can call David Russell at anytime.
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Annabelle Comes Home
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#3 Another well made albeit cheesy horror movie. Annabelle Comes Home sounds very unscary and mundane kind of like chucky only with more of a real back story not to mention all the other spin offs and characters in the “Conjuring” Genre. We have to say its a Go See if you like to wet your pants in darkened room full of strangers. Good lord that alone is scary enough for me so I think I’ll stay home and wait for the video.
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#4 Steam for gamers only. The big PR push is that the Big sale is starting and by sale we mean Video Game sales. You can buy all the biggest best games online and download them at the best prices. Steam is like twitch (if you know what that is its like steam lol) it allows you to broadcast your video game play. Its like a “LIve Youtube for watching people play video games” if you didnt know but you can also buy games and chat with other gamers all online and on “Steam”
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Michael Jackson
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#5 Michael Jackson yes disturbingly sad is the best way to put this freak. Who had one of the most awesome videos of all time. Not to mention the moonwalk, I still watch dance clips of him on youtube. But yes today is the anniversary of his death, so go light a candle or watch the movei “Leaving Neverland” here is the trailer and some insti-pics.
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Jeff Austin
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#6 Who? Jeff Austin from the Yonder Mountain String Band thats who. What? The yonder Mountain String Band thats what. Okay well he’s dead. Our condolences go out to the friends and family.
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Australia vs England
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#7 Sports related search about a Cricket match. Australia Won!
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