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MLB vote
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#1 Big Time Paid for Search Vote for your Favorite MLB Player Yee Haa! I can hardly wait to get home and vote for some mlb players to make more money! No Thank you! But its you right click this link: MLB Ballot if you want to vote if your not sure watch the video and look at the pretty pictures…..
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#2 This is totally awesome we love Bitcoin and the Blockchain here at We would also recommend using Bitcoin for some online purchases and for keeping as large a supply as you can on hand! We can hardly wait to see what the Facebook cryptocurrency does. We predict it could unite the world. Except for some of those commie countries
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Kevin Durant
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#3 Over rated sports related Kevin Durant opts out of his deal and has his manager exploring free agent deals. My advice would be for him to stay. I would give him a $100 dollars for an exclusive. Other than that I would say he should stay with whoever he was with.
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Carmelo Anthony
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#4 more over rated and sports related free agencies. Carmelo Anthony, Who? Oh yeah that other has been basketball player.
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New Zealand vs Pakistan
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#5 Sports related Cricket chirping Buzz words. Afridi, Azam Shine as Pakistan Wins it by six wickets!
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Wayfair walkout
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#6 Publicity Stunt! Employees protest sale of beds to Border Facility? WHat would they rather have them sleeping on mats? This is definitely a publicity stunt but for a good cause and it made it all the way to #6 Not Bad! They should fire those idiots problem is they cant find anyone to replace them and those idiots cant find another job anyway. Wanna Bet on it?…
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Bob Ley
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#7 Sports related Bob Ley, and a big WTF? Outside the Lines? Never heard of Bob Ley or his show but somehow he got to #7 in today’s Sports related Paid for Search list. BTW Bob Ley if you need a job we really need some help with our sports department here at its a remote work job! Just Message Top40 from the dashboard if your interested! ttyl LOL
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