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#1 Sports Related Search India Beats West Indies!
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#2 The Useless Supreme Court ruled the could do nothing about state level partisan gerrymandering. That actually makes sense considering that the conservative leaning court really wants to give back more power to the states or so the line goes…….
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Charlie’s Angels 2019
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#3 Take the biggest female has beens and wannabe’s do a another remake of the worst 70’s TV Show and later a cheesy hollywood movie and what do you get. The worst acting movie you have ever seen with the most over produced schlocky vocals you have ever heard. Or so Ive been lead to believe. But I suppose we will find out soon enough. Or just see for yourself here is the trailer…..
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Billy Drago
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#4 Death Search and a WTF? Which for our purposes today is Who the F#$% and a My God Im sure he was a nice person but he could really have used a good haircut and quite possibly some makeup! Our condolences go out to friends and family.
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Shark attacks Bahamas
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#5 The Family and tour provider are almost surely to blame probably baiting the waters with chum to lure the sharks. Chum which is just fish or other animal parts, guts and blood mostly a common but dangerous practice to get the sharks to swim to and around your boat. Jordan Lindsey was literally torn apart within seconds. The family had no comment because they know they were at fault. Good thing They took out a big life insurance policy on Jordan before they went on this little one way vacation. Possibly the sharks are just getting back at humans for all the carnage they perpetrate on nature. I mean who could blame them?  Our condolences go out to friends and family.
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#6 Yesterday? Really? A Beatles inspired movie? Come on how many yesterday’s have already been made.This isn’t even about the Beatles they just steal the songs. We give this movie a thumbs down a -10 out of 10 and if you like wasting your money go and see it.
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Pete Buttigieg
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#7 Worthless politicians get back to your city and do the job you were elected and are actually paid to do! Every scumbag politician in the United States overpaid ego centric narcissists. We dont need any of them anymore. We need employees who do what we the people vote on for them to do. We have the technology lets use it and if these schlubs we “hire” don’t do what we say they get fired its that simple, or something along those lines. Pete Buttigieg is about as worthless as they come. If you want more of the same wrapped in a “stupid suit” vote for butt-juice!
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