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Copa America
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#1 Sports Related and definitely a Paid for Search (read the next 3 words in a high pitched tone really just kidding) Copa America Soccer , these finals are all on ESPN+ so you definitely have to pay to watch Quarter finals BTW its all Soccer these days. Baseball is so awfully boring and basketball and football are technically over till next season. In the meantime there is soccer and some of that freaky Cricket Bat Sh^#! The video of the boring a$$ highlights of Argentina vs: Brazil, argentina won 2-0, this game however sets the stage for the quarter finals.
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Shay Mitchell
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#2 Who? Who Cares! This actress from “Pretty Little Liars”  and we say WTF is Pretty Little Liars? Well it was a Cable TV show Which I binged watched the first couple seasons but it was so long ago I really cant remember. Anyway Shay Mitchell is you guessed it Pregnant and still a hottie.
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Aaron Schock
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#3 Anti-Gay Ex Congressman Aaron Schock allegedly filmed putting money in Go GO Boys underwear. We tolerate Hypocrites less than anything here at and this degenerate scum appears to be a big one. We never heard of him anyway. But if your interested here are all the details about this tooty fruity ex congress twit.
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Julie Ertz
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#4 Never heard of her until the Americans really started winning. The USWNT which is the “Big” Womens World Cup Soccer tournament going on in France right now if you didn’t know the Americans just beat France yesterday in the big match up. Another thing we didn’t know Julie Ertz one of the women’s team players is married to Zach Ertz, who is a tight end on the Philadelphia Eagles Football team. Well he’s in France cheering his wife on and we think that’s just swell! Here is a video about his fun trip and some of our famous insti-pics which if you didn’t know is just instagram. BTW if you are really slick you could possibly get your pictures on our website by simply uploading them to the @ or # of our “most searched” search terms for the day. Good Luck!
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Double Shot at Love
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#5 The worst Crap on Television and A Paid for Search. We are the first to admit there is a certain segment of the population that likes this kind of trash. A young and uninformed segment but I could be wrong. I keep thinking we should turn our website into a dating site or at least rank photos of all the people on facebook. Thats what they started out as and I honestly thought we would do the same type thing. BTW anyone can upload pics to a list on this website that anyone can vote on and the most votes moves that item into the #1 spot on the list. If your interested just click the Create your list button select the open list format. Then you can upload up to 40 pics of anyone or anything. The problem is no one seems to want to vote on anything. Maybe you can get your friends to vote if you create your very own list. Go ahead do it………We can look for the hottest Babes on Jersey Shore or the east coast or west coast or maybe some country bumpkins????
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Chance the Rapper
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#6 the beginning of the end for Chance the Rapper. Maybe not that last song got so big so fast and so many people heard it. He could make pure crap for the rest of his life and someone would buy it. I think the success of that one crappy ass rap song with Billy Ray Cyrus was a one hit wonder. It reminds me of that crappy ass song from the 70’s by CW McCall it was a rap song all about CB radio call numbers Like 10-4 Good Buddy whats your 20 this song is like a 187 for his career. Oh wait that’s Lil Nas Sorry, Chance the rapper isn’t half bad.What do you think here is the Acid Rap Album….
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Stonewall Riots
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#7 They say it was the beginning of the LGBTQ scene or Rights movement or whatever you want to call it. The Stonewall Riots, it was actually a Gay Bar called The Stonewall Inn in NYC. Now on 50th anniversary of Stonewall Riots it just reminds us the whole LGBTQ thing is patently ridiculous and shamefully ironic. The poor fruit cakes don’t get enough attention as it is and now they want special rights how sweet!. We honestly don’t care about your sexual orientation if your queer your queer and if you like porn you like porn oh well to each his own.
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