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England vs India
200K+ searches

#1 Cricket? I still can’t believe there isn’t something else that got more searches than cricket and England vs India. Either its a very slow sports day or things are really changing here in the UNited States but do we really think Google is a voice of reason or that the searches they show us are all there is or just Paid them the most?
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200K+ searches

#2 Antifa? What a joke? Far left violent protesters? # people injured in Antifa protests in Portland Oregon. Now that sounds crazy? I thought the far right were the violent ones but here at we prefer non violence when honestly trying to achieve your goals and arbitrate things in government and what not. So the truth finally starts to come out its the Far-Left that is the real enemy of the people and don’t you forget it!
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Taylor Swift
200K+ searches

#3 Some Douche Named Scooter Braun bought the rights to Taylor Swifts Music. So we couldnt care less about the poor little rich bitch complaining and crying about it. It’s all about money and she’s got plenty and she will get more until you twits stop buying her crap. Now that Scooter has the masters of all your music if you hate him so much you could simply stop playing any of that stuff at any of your concerts which I’m sure you will. NOT and you could also donate all the profits from any future sales of your old works to charity. But I’m sure that will also never happen. But Taylor You can call us anytime or feel free to post your pics or upload any files of music you might have to our website. We would love to hear from you about that.
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Sophie Turner
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#4 Sophie Turner?? Diplo? Joe Jonas? Wedding in Avignon France Who cares? Well we dont but its in at #4 in todays most searched for list.
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Jimmy Butler
100K+ searches

#5 Now the list started out kind of shaky and definitely with a paid for search and Sports related as you may recall #1 was about a cricket match. But this is the last straw Jimmy Butler we don not care but he is #5 in todays last and you can watch the video and look at the insti-pics and that will tell you a little more about what this free agency brou-ha-ha is all about. Or maybe not.
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