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Betsy Ross flag
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#1 We abhor Nike, Especially when they use slavery as an excuse for anything in fact we abhor anyone who uses slavery as an excuse for anything. We here at feel that was hundreds of years ago no one alive today was involved in slavery but if you went to school in the United States you will surely have learned of it as a historical milestone in our country but it ended hundreds of years ago and using something like that to try to manipulate the masses by guilt or whatever they think they are doing is as abhorrent as slavery itself was and is. So in our opinion Nike is using a sickening fact to try to manipulate and/or guilt  the general public in just as sickening a way. Yes Nike used slavery to as a reason to not release the “Betsy Ross Flag” shoe. So they tease the public saying they might release it but then don’t release it for reasons it might upset Colin Kaepernick and anyone who is black and who might have had relatives who were slaves in the past. This is about as sick as it gets folks, Because not only do they sickeningly remind us once again about slavery and some abstract link to it to again try to “manipulate the masses!” However as I know Kids love shoes especially limited editions of shoes and I would bet they made several hundred of these shoes at least and will at some point release them and they will be worth 10 times more for this reason alone. Whether they made extras of the shoe or not This is sickening, pathetic and banal attempt at pandering. Nike trying to manipulate the public again to get $500 out of something that cost .50 cents to make. Great Job Nike, You Paid it to #1 today! And watch this video a little more info and Great Job Arizona not wanting Douche bag companies in their state. We love Arizona for doing this watch and decide for yourself…
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India vs Bangladesh
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#2 India eliminated Bangladesh in the ICC World Cup finals which is cricket. This is one of those sports related searches which means a lot of the searches were to find the game or the results. ANd we are impressed at how fast cricket is gaining popularity in the United States.
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#3 A swedish Horror movie? We have to say it sounds pathetic but we have heard it will at least scare you a bit. I can say I still want to go to Sweden we think its in Norway somewhere the sun stays up all summer ooooww sounds scary to me. I think its more the endless night that sounds scary or just really boring more of the same. Once again this is a wait for the video or if its in a theater near you it might be worth a look
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Brazil vs Argentina
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#4 This is the worst kind of Paid for search. We dont want to know about this game before its even been played Personally I dont want to know about it at all. But Google in their Pandering for the most money and they love ESPN put some BS Paid for search like Brazil vs Argentina in our list. By the time you read this the game will be over and Im not going to bother to add the highlights tomorrow so here is some other crapy video and some insti-pics from the last game its Copa America 2019 Well we found the highlights woohoo!
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Sue Bird
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#5 Sue Bird the Lesbian Lover of Megan Rapinoe you know the lady on the Women’s soccer team who are annihilating the competition in the Women’s World Cup soccer finals going on in France. Well she had to get her 2 cents in ranting about how she thinks Trump hates her girlfriend you remember rapinoe the soccer player. Needless to say this is delusional but sweet! She must really love her and boy if you’ve got trump talking about your girlfriend I would love him too lucky a$$ b!$ch!  this boring a$$ video explains it…
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#6 OMG we use Cloudflare here at and according to some it was down around the world today for about 30 minutes. Well we don’t care we are just glad to see Cloudflare on our “The Future of History Most Searched for” list. As we mentioned we use cloudflare for our website and would recommend their free or paid plans. It will make your website faster and safer and that’s all you need to know. Check it out! Cloudflare for your website Highly recommends Cloudflare. This video explains it a little more watch it and hopefully it will answer any questions you have. We think they timed it with the Solar Eclipse damn good thinking Cloudflare should have been #1
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Solar eclipse.
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#7 Coming in at #7 A Total Solar Eclipse We love astronomy here at and werent able to see it. The total solar eclipse was visible in parts of Argentina and Chile way down in South America where civilization really began. Here is some video and our famous Insti-pics for your perusal.
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