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#1 Instagramdown also the #1 twitter hastag for the day. We will call todays list the Alchoholic Hillbilly Report. You will see why just keep reading and please forgive me if you don’t find my sense of humour funny! But keep reading you’ll put it together. But yes Instagram had sharing problems today mainly in the Northeastern United States and Europe. And this is just awful especially if you spend as much time on instagram as we do?
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Jared Lorenzen
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#2 Who? Jared Lorenzen? Never heard of the guy and I live in kentucky. But he is dead so this is a Paid for Death Search. He was a QB for the University of Kentucky and New York Giants still never heard of him. He was only 571 lbs and repeatedly said on video he wouldnt be surprised if he didnt wake up tomorrow How Sweet I’m mean Sad. See for yourself in the next video he knew he was going to die. Our condolences go out to friends and family of Jared Lorenzen.
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Fireworks near me 2019
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#3 This is a no brainer. Fireworks Near Me 2019 coming in at #3 today and probably #1 tomorrow but Google would never let that happen. Because these arent all the searches, they don’t show us all of the searches this is a very subjective list. But we are stuck with it FOR NOW!
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Sweden vs Netherlands
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#4 Sweden vs: Netherlands Netherlands won. BTW this is about the Womens World Cup of Soccer. Netherlands will play the U.S. in the World Cup Finals
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Jim Beam fire
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#5 OMG 45000 barrels of Jim Beam burned to the Ground! Each Barrel contains 53 gallons and this Jim Beam Warehouse was in Versailles, Kentucky. They claim it started after last nights thunderstorm. OMG 45000 barrels of Jim Beam down the drain and they couldn’t put the fire out they let it burn so all the alcohol would burn too and not pollute the groundwater oh the tragedy of it all. But Jim Beam says this wont affect the availability of Jim Beam because this was new whiskey it wasn’t aged a year yet so they have time to make more. We think God did it because he likes Jim Beam Fire or it was just a really good Publicity Stunt, if you believe in that kind of thing? Thank God and that’s the Alcoholic Hillbilly news for today!
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Halle Bailey
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#6 Disney finds singer who looks like a fish? Halle Bailey, who with her sister forms R&B duo Chloe x Halle. Yes Disney has nabbed her for the starring role in the upcoming Live Action Play. Yes we said play well a musical to be exact and we absolutely abhor plays and would never be seen at a musical they are awful. The only people they are good for are theones acting and/or singing in them. We just think that with todays technology that plays and musicals are so BORING we just wont say another word about it. But Good luck Halle Bailey if Disney likes you Im sure you will make a lot of money no matter how awful it is.
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#7 Just squeaking in at #7 WhatsApp which we think is a joke of an app was down today too. Along with Instagram and Facebook oh the Humanity!
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