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#1 Earthquake centered in Ridgecrest California about 150 miles north of Los Angeles. It was a 6.4 magnitude and is definitely a real search not a Paid for Hyped up search % million people wanting to know about what happened out there in California.
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Joey Chestnut
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#2 A good old Kentucky born Hillbilly wins the Nathans hotdog eating contest. What a pig this guy is totally awesome piggy pig. But he won again and this is the fifth time. It is always in New York City were Nathans Hot Dogs are made. This is definitely a paid for search and one of the most fun and successful publicity stunts that turned into a full blown campaign and centerpiece for Nathans Hot Dogs Yee Haa sooeee here piggy piggy eat as many as fast as you can but sign this release form first in case you have a coronary. Here is the video watch closely see his technique unbelievable!
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Kendrick Norton
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#3 Sports related and very Ironic Kendrick Norton who was just drafted a couple months ago and signed to play for Miami Dolphins was in a car wreck last night and it was so bad he had to have his left arm amputated. Now I suppose he could play with one arm or a with a prosthetic arm but that is highly unlikely. The wreck happened this Thursday in the early morning hours morning and hit a concrete barrier for unknown reasons and flipped. Well we know the reasons the guy was still celebrating and got too drunk and ruined his career and life. Alcohol the legal drug has a tendency to do that and this is a very ironic case. Sorry Kendrick Norton maybe you can write a book, I hope your right handed.
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#4 OMG More sports related searches We honestly think Google has sold out to ESPN. We know they spend a lot on advertising. SO that probably explains it but Nadal and tennis. Well Wimbeldon is still going on over there in Jolly old England so that really explains it. Here is the Video of the fourth most boring sport in the world and of the recent match of Nadal and Kyrgios whoever the hell that is?
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Serena Williams
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#5 More Paid for Boring A$$ crap about Serena Williams beating out some no name tennis player called Kaja Juvan poor thing she will be back next year because she is only 18. Serena on the other hand is getting Long in the tooth but who knows she could be around for a long time and possibly keep winning if all I had to do was show up and play Id keep it up too. Good Luck Serena Williams we are rooting for you get it rooting, roots oh never mind…….

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Natalia Dyer
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#6 Paid for search Natalia Dyer Who? and Who Cares. This girl Natlia Dyer plays on a show on Netflix called Stranger Things and they made up some story about how a fan was harassing her Natalia Dyer and Her Boyfriend Charlie Heaton in real life and on the show. OMG these two rejects at least they know how to get publicity but they are probably just in it for the money but it sure sounds like a good gig if you can get one.
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Coco Gauff
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#7 Coco Gauff the 15 year old girl that knocked Venus Williams out of wimbeldon, not Serena she is still in it and was #5 today. Needless to say the news is this little tramp cause some guy named Jay Clarke to boot his doubles partner Harriet Dart for her. Who could blame him she’s hot and black and so is he, “I guess!” Needless to say Publicity err points is the name of the game and they got it or at least made up some good PR, points or whatever you call it at least she is in at #7 but I’d really guess it was thanks to ESPN.
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