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College Board
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#1 College Board now this seems like a pretty generic term, Ive never even heard of it. SO WTF is it because I really don’t care about college. But I can tell you when I was that age that is all I cared about. But it seems like easy peasy especially if you have money that’s basically all it takes or maybe you just have to get creative and be able to pass the GED. Maybe I was smarter than I thought but then. I did graduate a year and a half early and went to college at age sixteen.That in itself is not so great except for when I tell you how it happened you will understand. I was an average student in school in the chicago area when my family decided to move after my sophmore year. We moved to kentucky which was bad enough but when I got to the school it was even worse. The classes I was taking were all subjects I had taken in Junior High! Believe it or not but it was true I was so disgusted and upset I worked it out with the school counselors if I could simply pass the GED test they would give me a diploma. Well I took the Kentucky GED and passed with flying colors actually received a High School Diploma we wont name the Louisville Kentucky High School and the rest is history. Now Back to the subject at hand College Board AP Scores if what they say is true about getting the test results day by day and only from certain states each day starting today and starting with certain states first.  Well easy peasy you can use a VPN and just say your from whatever state lets out the results first here is a link to how the states results will be rolled out read it and follow the directions and you can get your College Board AP scores in no time. Good Luck
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Pakistan vs Bangladesh
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#2 Pakistan vs Bangladesh WTF I thought the Cricket world cup was over? What is this more Google Pandering? OR Cricket is the only Big Sport today? Or its better than anything else online?
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Amber Portwood
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#3 Amber Portwood never heard of her. But supposedly she is a TV star on some reality shows or was at least on one or something who cares, she should be in jail. Amber portwood was arrested friday morning in Indianapolis for Felony domestic battery. The incident it stemmed from occured at 2am that morning on some street in indi- basically she beat up some guy while he was holding a 1 year old child. Now I know this type of bitch she is totally delusional drunk and/or stoned and thinks she owns the world. Doesnt care about anyone but herself she should be locked up its time for some “me too” for the guys. Anyway it seems like some incident that went too far and they decided to turn it into a publicity stunt. As long as no one was really hurt especially the 1 year old kid. But seriously Amber Portwood belongs in Jail or maybe on the cover of the Rolling Stoned out of your mind!
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Tedy Bruschi
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#4 Tedy Bruschi another No name ex NFL player we never heard of. Well Tedy Burschi had another stroke. But hey thats good news because he is recovering and the charity he formed “Tedy’s Team” says so. TIA is the type of stroke and “Tedys Team” is his stroke awareness charity. Sounds like he Tedy Buruschi is going to need all the donations he can get. SO send all your money to “Tedy’s Team” If its a real charity you can write it off! Yee Haa!
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Melania Trump
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#5 Melania Trump in a totally nice but totally BS Publicity stunt! What you say? Well supposedly the dress she was wearing yesterday was a Gay Pride dress?  Yeah sounds like BS but it is apparently true. The trumpets are really starting to get into the whole LGBT thing. But not flying the Gay Pride flag next to the American Flag. But yes starting a campaign to make gay love legal all over the world MY Heroin that’s supposed to be Heroine and Hero. I knew he was a sex maniac that old rascal and his Hot in touch Wifey! Melania Trump we know its really all you, you vixen you!…
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Ice cream licker
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#6 This kind of thing can get you killed in some circles. The KId who will be unnamed but is secretly working for Blue Bell Ice Cream was actually caught! The kid is the Girl who the police wont name because she is a minor but licked the Blue Bell Ice Cream licker and Put it back in the freezer and did it on a video that has gone Viral!  Well the Police Figured it all out and caught her in a Lufkin Texas Walmart But Blue Bell wont be pressing any charges on the Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker or the cops either supposedly. But remember what we said at the beginning of this post this kid is playing with fire we hope she got paid handsomely with another long stint in PRISON!
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Little Mermaid cast
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#7 Little Mermaid Cast Paid for Search Disney has the money but we are totally “Over It”
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