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DeMarcus Cousins
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#1 Demarcus Cousins Who? Who Cares Sports Related Paid for Searches. It would be more interesting if they just put them up on an auction block and let people bid on them like in the olden days. Ill be any ones slave for a $200 million for 10 years for 3 hours a day of playing a game contract. Not that this guy is worth that much personally I don’t think anyone is…..
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#2 USGS well this one has a little more OOMPHFF! a 7.1 after yesterdays 6.4 magnitude quake out there in Cali. This one was in a field of old volcanoes that would be awesome 10.0 magnitude earthquake and a huge Volcano that buries los angeles in 1000 feet of lava after all the buildings get toppled. Totally AWesome! The real estate prices would plummet maybe I could afford something in Malibu after all!! Come on earthquake
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Argentina vs Chile
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#3 Argentina vs Chile and Chile Won! but then lost to Peru That can only mean Peru will Play Brazil in the Copa America 2019 Finals but who really cares? Brazil & Peru that’s who?
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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
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#4 Shai Glgeous-Alexander More slave trading in the trenches now this is getting interesting! Not really though it’s only the off season.
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UFC 239
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#5 UFC 239  Another Who Cares its sports related. But here is the entire Preview show. We just want to see blood and guts and a death or two. On second thought a couple first round knock outs will do.
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