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Coco Gauff
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#1 Coco Gauff loses at wimbeldon to Simona Halep. We predict she will play in 2 more wimbeldons then on her 18th birthday quit tennis to become a monk. No just kidding poor kid we wish Coco Gauff the best of luck and Please feel free to create your very own “Top40 List” anytime you want Coco Gauff, right here on our website its easy and free.
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Avery Bradley
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#2 Avery Bradley? Who? signs a 2 year deal with the lakers for $9.7 mil. Here is another all we can say is Avery Bradley Good Luck your gonna need it. Oh yeah and clear those waivers
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Disneyland fight
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#3 Disneyland Fight this should be #1 this video is hilarious! Basically its a video of 2 couples fighting in the middle of Sisney land hence the search term Disneyland Fight It looks like a couple of degenerate sissies who are scared to hit each other. Those kind of people should be banned, just look at them. On second thought lets find a skating rink somewhere promote it as “Disneyland Fights” and sell tickets we’ll be rich in no time. LOL You should see this pathetic fight video. Sad is what it is People like that don’t need to go out in public they make everybody look bad.
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Belle Delphine bath water
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#4 Belle Delphine bath water WTF is that? Well if your really into gaming or watching games on Twitch you might have heard of Belle Delphine, she is a real person but Belle Delphine is her Gamer name. Needless to say she is known for weird online stunts and of course playing online video games. Her latest stunt was selling her bath water. yes “Belle Delphine bath water” for $30 a jar you would have to be an idiot to buy it but she apparently has a lot of those as fans. And has been reputed to have sold almost $50,000 worth of Belle Delphine bath water maybe it will cure them of their money spending habit who knows or maybe it will cure them of their brain cells if they drink it but here is a meme all about it and some insti-pics of Belle Delphine herself.
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All-Star Game
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#5 All-Star Game Boring! this is of cours the major League baseball All-Star Game which had a new way for you to vote this year. Needless to say the voting is the most exciting part about it and that is as boring as he%%! Here is the link to the starting lineups and more videos and insti-pics
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Alison Riske
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#6 Alison Riske? WHo? Another no name tennis player who beat out the #1 seed Ashleigh Barty at Wimbeldon another Who is Ashleigh Barty? she is the tennis player who got beat by Alison Riske How exciting ans definitely sports related and you know what I think of sports related searches.
Now at the end of this week will will be debuting our weekly Top 40 list! What that will be is a list of all the past weeks most searched for items in a list you can vote on. Each vote moves that item up in rank so the items with the most votes gets to be #1 and at the end of next week we will see how all the weeks items rank. So that means 6 items a day during the week and then 5 items a day on saturday and sunday which equals 40! BTW you can make your own Top 40 list and you can call it whatever you want and you can put any number of items in it, 40 is just a number we like to use, in case you were wondering.
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