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Ross Perot
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#1 Ross Perot this is a Death Search as we like to call it. This guy was an awesome Rich popeye looking old dude. He probably gave trump the idea to run for president. But in 1992 Ross Perot ran for president and supposedly spent 60 million of his own money on the campaign. He probably would have won in 96 if he didn’t back out at the last minute. That’s why he is a douchebag But people loved him he was like the new down to earth honest guy who told it like it was and knew all about the internet (before the internet) and used techniques like a 30 minute paid for video infommercial He did this on Prime time Television on every network This was crazy but everyone loved it and I say he would have won but got scared off by criminals like clinton. Needless to say he is dead now. But he put all those scumbag lying politicians to shame He was Awesome! Our condolences go out to his friends and family.
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New Zealand vs India
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#2 hottest new world sport cricket New Zealand vs India was delayed because of rain. New Zealand was way ahead and could knock off India but we wont know til 10:30 am on wednesday when the match resumes. We predict New Zealand will beat India and win in the Finals to become the New ICC world cup champions. Wanna Bet! Any takers?
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#3 ASAP Rocky arrested in sweden and is crying about inhumane treatment. This douche bag’s music is so bad he had to create a publicity stunt to get any attention for his awful live preformance. He should stay out of sweden anyway they obviously dont like him. Seriously though he claims it was self defense but I say ASAP Rocky knew what he was doing and Sweden called his bluff! Sorry ASAP Rocky Stay in jail for awhile you need some street cred before some kindergartners in Norway beat you up again! BTW this is another Jussie Smollet type case they all need all the publicity they can get.
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Chick-fil-A cow Day
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#4 Dress up in a Cow costume and you can get free breakfast lunch or dinner at Chick-Fil-A Cow Day! The Cows say Yee HA and all the chickens say ooh wee oh wee oh we. Please massa please eat more cows don’t kill us!
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Shawn Mendes
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#5 Shawn Mendes oh god no not this guy again! He is too Hot, literally this whole paid for search is about him refusing to take selfies with some fans because he claims he is too sweaty er well we meant hot. But In our humble opinion he has become a DOUCHEBAG! But I’m probably just jealous because he has Camilla Cabello or at least their still keeping with that PR stunt or maybe it really is for real?
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Malik McDowell
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#6 Malik McDowell? Who? he is a former defensive lineman was drafted to the Seattle Seahawks in the second round and then released last year after an ATV accident caused him to miss his rookie year. The guy was tasered and arrested on 12 mile in southville for drunk and disorderly conduct and will probably go to prison. This concludes our list of Douchebags for the day. But watch this video see what you think it was caught on tape at the convenience store where he was arrested and apparently also caused $1500 in damages to the store…..
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