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Nintendo Switch Lite
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#1 Back to the Who Paid the Most for a #1 search result. Now A lot of people like to play video games but The Nintendo Switch Lite is just another scam to try to get your money for nothing. Its an Inch shorter and $100 dollars cheaper but it wont connect to another monitor or TV and it wont connect to other joysticks. So PLEASE dont waste your money save up another $100 dollars and buy the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Lite in our opinion is not worth the savings it is a scam to get your money in the guise of saving a little but it is not worth the savings. OMG and the troll in the reveal trailer doesn’t even speak english but he can make a toy to steal your money and a video on top of that!
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New Orleans Weather
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#2 New Orleans Weather, they have been talking about it for days now. The prediction is that it wont become a hurricane but rain, about 18 inches of rain and possibly heavy winds. New Orleans Weather we are thrilled the property values going down insurance rates going up or non-existant. Our advice is to move away from the coast as soon as possible or buy a Houseboat and live on that your going to need it in the near future. Best 5 minute video to explain the New Orleans weather situation…
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#3 Epilepsy, I happen to know from first hand experience, most epilepsy is caused by a blow to the head or alcohol and drug abuse. Normal epilepsy is usually easily controlled by medication. Cameron Boyce’s family says he died from epilepsy we are very sorry to hear he couldn’t afford insurance or medication to control his seizure disorder. We also find it very hard to believe that Epilepsy is what he really died form.
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Donald Glover
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#4 Donald Glover is living proof that you can sell anything with enough PR!
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Tie-dye Frappuccino 2019
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#5 Tie-dye Frappuccino 2019 of course its Starbucks and its a made up name for a made up drink Tie-dye-Frappuccino 2019 “It’s made of a tropical creme Frappuccino base with dashes of red beets, turmeric and spirulina to give red, yellow and blue hues. Whipped cream and a final dusting of colored powder make it even more vibrant”. Its probably really good and very tasty. We happen to know Spirulina is very nutritious and actually has protein in it. But at these small amounts probably not, its simply added for color. Try it its only available at participating stores for the next 5 days Tie-Dye-Frappuccino 2019 sounds tasty!
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Jennifer Araoz
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#6 Jennifer Araoz we’re sure she is a very nice girl looking for a very nice pay day and a lot of publicity. I find it very hard to believe that she didn’t go into this willingly at some point she may have said no but I also find that hard to believe. Jennifer Araoz was paid then and she’s really going to get paid now. I sure wish some billionaire woman had raped me when I was 14 it would have been a dream come true, until my friends or unnamed sources started telling me I was raped and I should file charges 15 years later. Because you were too young to know what you were doing and you were surely forced at gun point or threat of death. Yeah Right! We all know who you are now poor little raped girl and a Gold Digger to boot! Who would have guessed it took her 15 years to realize it I guess she is broke now and needs the money or was it back then? Oh well we will hear all the lies soon enough.
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