Russell Westbrook
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#1 Russell Westbrook in a boring a$$ Sports related search “Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti continues to reshape the team’s future, sending Westbrook to the Rockets for Chris Paul and two first-round draft picks. Well looks like Houston Rockets could take it all next year!
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#2 Free Slurpees from 11am-7pm on 07/11/2019 what a crappy #2 (get it Crappy #2 lol) first of all its already over and it should have been 7am-11pm how cheap can you get? 7/11 giving away ice chips with some colored sugar water in it.  We like 7-11 but that it is pretty cheap!
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Twitter down
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#3 Twitter Down its a really easy way to get onto our list! And a really crappy #2  not too mention #1 for today’s Top40 list. Just turn your servers off for a few minutes and you’ll get thousands of searches. My recommendation is forget twitter,  post all your twitter comments right here on our website
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Area 51
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#4 Area 51 about 300,000 people have signed up to a Facebook pledge to raid Area 51 “To see the Aliens” that is a very bad idea mainly because Area 51 is a NUCLEAR WASTE STORAGE SITE” the people who raid Area 51 are not going to see any aliens they are going to end up looking like aliens when their DNA is destroyed by all the nuclear waste and fallout they will be exposing themselves to. People get a clue AREA 51 is restricted for a reason only some idiots think there are really any aliens at Area 51. Like we said though the only aliens they will see will be themselves in a mirror when the skin on their faces starts falling off and arms growing out of their necks hair falling out skin turning black and you know the usual stuff.
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#5 Crawl the alligator horror movie is complete trash don’t go see it. Instead read this list of top 10 scariest alligators in movies from Variety  Its scarier funnier and way more informative! On second thought maybe we’re just too scared to go see it…..
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#6 Stuber and coming in at #6 in today’s list of cheap trash and garbage! Stuber the awful remake of “Collateral” remember that awful movie with Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox. Yeah me neither that’s because it was awful. Do yourself a favor watch the trailer here in the Top40
list and just say you saw it but it sucked……
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Australia vs England
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#7 Australia vs England OMG England won this cricket semi final. The finals which will be this sunday against New Zealand where we already predicted New Zealand will win. Needless to say this is a Sports related search about cricket if you didn’t know that already. Here are the highlights from the match…..
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