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Earthquake Seattle
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#1 Earthquake Seattle its the big one, 4.6 on the richter scale and then a 3.5 all up around Puget Sound. Yes the west coast is going to fall into the pacific ocean thanks to the ” Earthquake Seattle” and all the tectonic plates around the world. Yes its true the Earthquake Seattle is right on a bunch of fault lines and a bunch of volcanoes right here in the Good Old Unites States of America.
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#2 Acosta better known as Alexander Acosta Trumps hispanic pick for Labor Secretary and he was doing a good job. Acosta was doing a good job because he knew it was just a matter of time before the Jeff Epstein “deal” came back around to bite him in the ass. Needless to say no one knew who Acosta was until the Jeffery Epstein deal. You know Epstein the rich pervert who liked really young little girls well acosta let him off with 13 months in jail and all the dems and a few others are up in arms because they think he let him off too easy. Acosta claims he stepped in when the state was going to let him off easy and gave him 13 months instead. Everyone else says they were going to throw the book at old pervy Epstein and Acosta let him off easy. Oh well politicians and perverts they are all the same and should all be in jail. This video explains it pretty well just watch and learn…..
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Tacko Fall
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#3 Tacko Fall Sports related and Freak related searches this guy Tacko Fall is HUGE 7′ 7″  He is a rookie playing for the Boston Celtics and who knows how BIG of a difference he will make but in their summer game in Vegas against the Memphis Grizzlies they routed them 113-87. Tacko Fall we are looking for BIG things from him in the very near future. We all ready like this guy Good Luck Tacko Fall and BTW that’s a great name Tacko Fall and please don’t “Take a fall” Tacko Fall lol
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Mason Ramsey
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#4 Mason Ramsey the Yodeling Kid is on this remix of Lil Nas version of Old town Road. You remember just last month it was big Hit Country-Rap song with Billy Ray Cyrus? Well now this new mix of the same song has Mason Ramsey the Yodeling Kid yodeling and Young Thug doing his version of the song. OMG it really does prove just take any old piece of crap shine it up and kids today will Love it. No I shouldn’t say kids today because its anybody today. The way media pushes this stuff on society who’s to say? Its actually not that bad and IMHO it is a RAP SONG! BTW old country songs had all kinds of raps in them. For example Johnny Cash’s A boy named Sue. Now that would make a really great remix for LIl Nas or anyone maybe they should get that tranny rapper to remake The Boy Named Sue that would be hilarious. Better yet lets get Mason Ramsey the Yodeling Kid and R. Kelly to do a version of Boy Named Sue, that would really be a hit! So see trannys are nothing new, they had them way back in the olden country days. Now Here is the remix video listen and watch the kid really don’t yodel much but you’ll see it toward the end of the video…..
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Grayson Allen
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#5 Grayson Allen someone should just kick that dopey white boy’s a$$. I would pay to see that after he was ejected from the same summer league game Tacko Fall was in. BTW the Memphis Grizzlies along with Grayson Allen SUCK!
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
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#6 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale now on to our sell out sissie side and how in God’s name did this get in our list? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and according to google which is the main reason we put them onto our list and refinery 29 who wrote the next paragraph to half way explain the Nordstrom anniversary sale “Once a year, Nordstrom marks downeverything in its store with Black Friday-level deals for a full three weeks. While a lot of the discounts still include hefty price tags common at department stores, we’ve found a few hidden gems worth hunting down. Think: A jumbo-sized bottle of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray and a Nars lip gloss set for half off. Even better, every last pick on our list is under $50. And who brings you this list. (BTW I haven’t made a cent from this website. All the ads on here are from Google they haven’t paid me a cent either!)
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Ed Sheeran
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#7 Finally Ed Sheeran needs all the publicity he can get. Since the Beatles movie he’s in is tanking and he cant write music anymore, because he stole it all in the first place, now comes up with the Following to do anything he can to get onto the future of History list this is what Ed Sheeran put out “The British singer-songwriter confirmed he wed his childhood friend, Cherry Seaborn, in an interview with iHeartRadio’s Charlamagne Tha God about his new collaboration album. And see its a collaboration album he cant write he has hit the wall. I have to admit I really don’t like the cry baby love songs he puts out but god knows he was at #1 quite a bit. Nothing like old Arianna Grande god knows her crap all sounds the same too, but maybe his new album will have some more upbeat rock songs we shall see I doubt it. (Just a note I personally prefer Dance music so anyone send me some techno dance tunes. I think we are going to have to get back to doing our own Top 40 music video charts again. Maybe when this new Collaboration album comes out?
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