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New Zealand vs England
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#1 Sports related searches you know its a slow day when the list starts out with New Zealand vs England in the ICC world cup that’s Cricket for those that don’t know or care. BTW New Zealand vs England we picked New Zealand to win and they Blew it Basically they suck at cricket. Anyway England won.
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Amazon Prime Day 2019
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#2 Amazon Prime Day 2019 if you haven’t heard of this yet you’ve been living under a rock. Amazon Prime Day 2019 has spurred every other online business to have big sales Wal-mart, Target etc etc. So make sure you check prices online at one or two different online stores at least. Here are the 3 best Hacks or should we say Browser extensions to help you keep track of prices and other important related items. We assume they have these Browser Extensions for Chrome and maybe Firefox and Opera no wait Opera who ever heard of Opera as a browser? Just kidding watch this and learn……BTW AMAZON PRIME DEAL DAYS START JULY 15th & 16th that’s tomorrow or today depending on when your reading this. Finally someone who knows how and when to promote something!!
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Lashana Lynch
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#3 Lashana Lynch the beginning of the end for James Bond. What a joke a black women to become James Bond why don’t they just give out free tickets to everyone who is living in poverty. Why don’t they do that, you ask? Because they wouldn’t go even if you paid them that’s why. Of course she’s not really James Bond anyway, she just has his 007 number the Real James Bond is retired but still on speed dial. Pandering and “Woke” at is’s sleaziest. This will not help them much though 007 is a hideous monster! LOL Decide for yourself….

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ICE raids
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#4 These a$$ clowns protesting ICE Raids. I hope they do something really stupid like start a riot, really give the government an excuse to declare martial law and bring in the army and national guards to haul them all away for real. Now that would be completely legal and well worth the effort.
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Bastille Day
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#5 Bastille Day which is French National day kind of like the 4th of July in america. Bastille Day just another excuse to waste tax payer money and make your neighbors think you have a really strong military and everyone is unified behind it. That kind of crap is so passe and a waste of time and money but it sure does look like fun!
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