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Bianca death
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#1 Bianca death, What? Not another Death Search.Bianca death is that someones name or Bianca is dead or what? I dont Know if this is sick or normal. Bianca Devins Killed by her boyfriend then the pictures of her dead body are posted on instagram. The pictures were apparently posted by the Boyfriend who was found near her body which was outside of the SUV they had both been in she was found on the ground under a tarp. The Boyfriend Brandon Clark apparently took the photos of her dead body and posted them to instagram. The boyfriend then tried to commit suicide by slashing his wrists or throat or something but they caught him and took him before he bleed out and took him to the hospital but obviously not before he posted the “Bianca death” photos. The whole thing is kind of fishy because before the boyfriend was even in the hospital she, the dead girls Bianca Devins went from 800 followers on instagram to 40,000. The family is of course outraged and asks for some dignity for Bianca whatever that is supposed to mean because they sure don’t mind giving out interviews to any Tom Dick or Harry. Sorry we couldn’t find any of the actual Death Photos. If any of this is even true. We assume it is. But the way the internet is going its more like an a$$ Clown festival than anything LOL Just kidding we love the internet here is a video and some insti-pics for you. If you really want to see the Death photos go to 4chan or 8chan I cant show them because I have adsense which is a scam and doesn’t pay you a cent. BTW way the guy on this video seems to have some good ideas about what really happend lets take a listy look!…….
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Pernell Whitaker
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#2  Pernell Whitaker another Death Search and someone we have never heard of. Pernell Whitaker was hit and killed by a truck in Virginia Beach Virginia. The driver remained on the scene Pernell’s son said he thought it was dark and his dad was wearing dark clothing. The police say the investigation is ongoing but no one has been charged. Pernell Whitaker was a Boxer! Here is TMZ Sports to explain it a little more clearly lets have a listy look!…..
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#3 We dont know where this came from but if you didnt read yesterdays list which had a small list of Amazon Hacks or should we say Browser Extensions to help you find better deals on amazon products well then here is an other one its called AMAZONSMILE So just click on amazonsmile and it will take you to another article with a bunch more Browser Extensions to help you in your search for the best price. We definitely recommend researching for the best price. So again click this link and find more deals easier and faster. here it is one more time… Good Luck. OH yeah Amazonsmile is for you to spend more money on a charity? We guess it comes out of amazons cut? SO get the best price first and another thing amazon will try to trick you into thinking you have the best price but you don’t so PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE PRICES…..
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Madden 20 ratings
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#4 Madden 20 ratings What? Who Cares? or should I say OMG Madden 20 ratings!! Ive been waiting all year for this. Of course not every one is happy about them especially the players and teams that usually and really do suck. Here is another ink to the ratings click it. or just copy and paste it But we have to say Madden 20 ratings Do they really make any difference? or is it just a fun way to dis each other and bitch about it YeeHaa let the games begin? BTW when does the Football season start? Well apparently is starts on Week 1 which is 09/05/2019 the Packers fight the Bears OMG I really cant hardly wait. So we will be talking about it a lot I’m sure. Because you all seem to really still like “Pro-Football” for some reason and make hundreds of thousands of searches a day for various players and teams. I cant fathom why. Ttyl

‘Madden NFL 20’ ratings adjuster explains grading system after players speak out

The destination for all National Football League-related video on the web. Game and player highlights, news stories, team and player-related features, Fantasy football videos, NFL event coverage and more. The online home for NFL Network video and exclusive NFL Films-related content.

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Ring Doorbell
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#5 Ring Doorbell yes Ring Doorbell its a Video Camera that is also your doorbell it can connect to your home wifi and alexa devices and is really a great idea. If you could only make out who it was that really stole your packages. Because at this point anyone who walks to your door to steal something is going to be in disguse thanks to the Huge number of commercials to buy this device. SO every criminal knows you might have a hidden camera at your front door. Not too mention the quality of the video is so bad you cant tell who it is anyway. But its still a great idea and a great device and a Top40 deterrent not to mention a Top40 selling device. You can get it On Amazon of course.
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Sofia Richie
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#6 Sofia Ritchie she is not bad looking but really just a pawn in the Kardashian game of whores syndicated cable TV show. Seriously though at least they all look half way decent but Im not going to promote Kylie Skin which is why they have these photos and this PR smear. Its for Kylie Skin and the trip they all took to the Turks and Caicos Islands all on their private jets with all their whore friends and all their whore products. But Please by all means watch the show “Game Of Whores” and buy the Products the WHore Products they will make you feel really er ah stupid if they don’t and you actually still feel good about it. Maybe there is hope for you after all. Hope that you will die a horrible death and go straight to hell and do not pass go. Kidding joking if you havent figured it out we are trying to be sarcastic and funny although most people say we are just plain mean what it really is we’re just jealous. We truly love Sofia Ritchie and the Kardashians whoever they are.
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Alan Turing
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#7  oh we know who this guy was. Alan Turing a codebreaker mathematician genius. But my God what a fruit cake he admitted being a queer and was chemically castrated and then found dead 2 years later from cyanide poisoning which they say was suicide. This all happened in cheery ol Britian and those crazy a$$ fruitcakes are putting this guy on their 50lb note. That’s paper money to you and me. Can you believe it what kind of example is that setting? WTF is up their a$$e$ they throw the poor bastard in prison and chemically castrate him then he kills himself what are they sorry? Is this going to make up for it or Now they want everyone to know its great to be GAY if your a queer and dead you too can be on Britains paper money and be famous too. Those 50 lb notes wont be worth shit. We predict Britain will be under water by 2050 and completely broke by 2060. Just kidding we Loved the Alan Turing test which stated that if a Computer “AI” could fool people into thinking it was human then it was probably a sentient being in other words really human it has a soul. So people the brits have enshrined a Gay dude who thinks computers are real people. My god this world is going to hell. Once again we are just being our sarcastic nasty selves  oops we hope you still like us if not no worries we will make tomorrow all “nice positive day” and send you all a 50 lb note, In the mean time here is some video and insti-pics…..
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