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Emmy nominations 2019 list
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#1 Emmy Nominations 2019 List this is either a Who Cares about Emmy Nominations 2019 List or another chance at some extra added publicity. The Emmy’s if you didnt know or more specifically the Emmy Nominations 2019 List are the awards for Broadcast and Cable Television programs. They have awards like the Oscars for best actor best script best lighting and on and on. Its really a great excuse to talk about yourself and kiss ass in other words Give awards to the most popular, make a speech and thank everyone and Party on!
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Apollo 11
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#2 Apollo 11 one of the greatest achievements of mankind and then we all just went to hell and let politics take over. Politics is what is really ruining this world. So going back to the moon and getting off this planet is the least the old [email protected]$&s/politician types can do for the rest of us. Since they are ruining the planet we will need to be able to get off or die. Sooner or later everyone will realize this and Apollo 11 will and is and will be the beginning. Apollo 11 needs to go on and we here at are completely in favor of any new type of technologies that can help achieve goals like getting off the earth and/or saving it from Humans.
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Earthquake now
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#3 Earthquake Now another 4.3 magnitude temblor rattles East Bay. Earthquake Now is something we should all get used to if you didn’t know the earth is Alive and it has a viruses which if you didn’t know the virus is Humans. Earthquake Now is earth coughing up its virus’s or scratching a rash. Seriously Humans came about on earth as an accident in biology and geology a miraculous accident of evolution. And considering the numbers and how often earthquakes and extinction events have happened on earth as we know it, Earthquake Now is simply something we will have to live with until we get off this earth and or make our own habitat in the sky. If you didn’t know Human destiny is to become a machine and get off this planet.Or maybe just make our own habitat that we can control completely. That is evolutions gift to humanity. Its become so common place we cant even find any real news coverage about it…..
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#4 FaceApp WTF OMG this is so exciting Old news but someone decided to make an app that ages a photo of your face and is it disgusting. lol Seriously its fun as hell you should try it here is a link some video and Insti-pics of all the old people you know and love.We Know this is a Paid for search but it’s paid for by Australlian Broadcast Company or ABC as they are know in Australlia. It is an excellent forward thinking network almost as good as the BBC and way better programming than  any Broadcast network in america. Well they own this version of the FaceApp. We are not even sure where it is but we assume its on Instagram or simply search for it on Top40search  Good Luck Grandma or Grandpa or maybe we can have Tranny-ma-pa!
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#5  IHOP we love IHOP on this 61st anniversarry and Paid for Search we are here to tell you in celebration of IHOP’s 61st anniversarry you can buy a astack of Panckakes for .58 cents (they opened in 1958) on tuesday from 7am -7pm Now we know these people are not that good at the internet thing and publicity or promotions because it is over. So we say go to IHOP if one is close by or your really jonesing for pancakes and fake maple syrup. I think you can get real maple syrup if you pay extra.
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Puerto Rico
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#6 Puerto Rico is #6 today because of all the people protesting trying to get rid of their governor. (Puerto Rico is kind of like a state of the United States) But its like a giant ghetto on an island that overpopulated and broken. Its gotten so bad that carnival cruise lines says it will no longer dock any of its cruise ships on Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is like a microcosm of the entire united states or it will be if we let the politicians win. Basically we need to let Facebook, InternetTop40 and Amazon take over the economy and governing of the world we would be a lot better off. Everyone can vote from their phone or PC at home.
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