The Future of History Pt. 2….

If it wasn’t planned I couldn’t have done a better job myself. Needless to say it is not over yet The swamp is full and the utter hypocrisy of our political system has been brought to light. The sycophantic and deceitful behavior of the media has been brought to light. Now that we know how pathetic every single politician in office to day really is. I think it’s safe to say society would be better off if they would all step down.

Society can help make it an orderly descent for you all. Because for us there is light at the end of the tunnel. For Every single politician and so called journalist feeding off the never ending lies and hypocrisy and in full view of the entire world this certainly must end. What is wrong with these politicians for you no quarter shall be given. For the world is at our fingertips society is the brains of this body. We create the Future of History. One more thing our society having made these decisions should then hire “At-Will” employees as our representatives. If you catch My Drift. And that means someone, if not ourselves, who will actually do what we ask or in the words of an ancient scholar “Your Fired” LOL

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