it40 boring as hell twice
India vs Afghanistan
200K+ searches

#1 India won Sports related searches and this list easily ranks s one of the most boring yet. But its all my fault I took the sample an hour earlier than usual at 7:30 pm as opposed to 8:30 but it probably wouldnt matter just enjoy the videos and Insti-pics and know that this is as good as it gets for today which is yesterday for most of you.
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Benjamin Keough
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#2 Definitely a Paid for search NO ONE CARES ABOUT THIS FAMILY except them. I definitely don’t but if you do well here are some pretty pictures for you to enjoy!
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Peru vs Brazil
50K+ searches

#3 Boring Sports related search and  Brazil Wins it!
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P.K. Subban
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#4 About Hockey?? Need I say more?
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Angels vs Cardinals
50K+ searches

#5 Sports SPorts Sports Realted Searches. The Cardinals Won. If you dont believe it watch the highlight reel…….
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