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Yankees vs Red Sox
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#1 Sports Related Publicity game in London the Yankees won. in a Baseball Sports related search the Yankees vs: Red Sox, go to London.
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Uruguay vs Peru
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#2 This list could be explained in just a few lines all sports related and some idiot with a publicity stunt called getting shot. Soccer Uruguay vs Peru
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Slim 400
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#3 This is the Idiot who got shot for a publicity stunt Slim 400 or maybe a beef! He’s still alive as far as we know if he really even got shot.
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Mexico vs Costa Rica
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More sports related news mainly soccer Mexico vs Costa Rica
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Afghanistan vs Pakistan
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#5 Todays list is sports related this one is about cricket Afghanistan vs: Pakistan and some idiot who got shot. It was #1 Baseball #2 Soccer #3 Idiot who got shot #4 Soccer #5 Cricket
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