The problem with Virus Testing

First of all the mere process of getting the test means you are 1000 times or more likely to get exposed to the virus. Despite all the precautions they may claim to be taking. The fact that hundreds or thousands of people line up to get a test that could all have the virus means your chances of getting the virus go up exponentially.  

Secondly no test is 100% accurate. the average nasopharyngeal type test if done right has only about a 75% chance of being accurate. So IMHO Please think twice about getting a test and assume you already have it. If your still scared of catching the virus don’t get a test, don’t go out and if you do wear a mask. And most of all don’t try to blame this crap on me or anyone else. And most of all Don’t tell me what I care about. Because obviously you only care about self preservation and your passive-aggressive capitulation. 

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