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#1 Greenland
Greenland and according to Donald Trump who was planning a state visit to Denmark but now Wont Go because he wanted to buy Greenland and Denmark who technically owns Greenland said it’s absurd in a mean way. We think Trump is just pissed because they let ASAP Rocky back into the United States Seriously Trump should wake up and Buy Central and South America before it’s too late.

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#2 Dancing With the Stars
Dancing With the Stars should be called Dancing with the Drug Addicts Hypocrites and Whores LOL or Maybe Dancing with the D list Stars. Just Kidding we love Dancing With the Stars.

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#3 Bombshell movie
Bombshell will be a Bomb at the Box office but they didn’t pay anything to make it so it might turn a profit.

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#4 XFL
XFL just like the NFL but with X amount of Dollars. In other words No Money so they should be able to make a profit too all they need is a couple hundred paying fans if they can get that many. XFL all the way. Im in because I dont like overpaid Blowhards that Kneel at football games and make up fairy tales to get publicity for racist causes.
Washington Post • 1h ago

Washington Post
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#5 Tee Grizzley
Tee Grizzley knows how to get publicity in at #5 it only cost him the life of his aunt she was dying of High blood pressure anyway. Tee Grizzley his condition unknown in at #5 today. And if Tee Grizzley dies in the hospital tomorrow after giving a statement to police implicating Donald Trump in his death he could be #1 for sure Tee Grizzley #5 in Todays Top40 List!

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#6 Carli Lloyd 
Carli Lloyd isnt she a girl? Carli Lloyd from the womens world cup soccer team needs to make some real money so she nailed a couple 55 yard field goals in Philadelphia Eagles practice session. What Carli Lloyd really needs is a sex change if she wants to play for the NFL. But who knows these are desperate times for the NFL!

Los Angeles Times
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#7 Braxton Miller
Braxton Miller never heard of him but he signed up with the League Losers the Cleveland Browns. You go get em Braxton Miller turn those Browns around.
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#8 Wayne Allyn Root
Wayne Allyn Root some fruit cake who said Trump is like the King of Jews. What a Douchebag he went on to say that most jews are Democrats and they are betraying the faith if they vote Democratically. Thats is so Funny but so true. Wayne Allyn Root is the Real King of Jews or at least he wants to be that racist douchebag. He is so damn funny we forgot to laugh. Seriously, he seems reasonable watch and listen for yourself……..

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#9 Amazonia
Amazonia yes it’s burning down along with the entire world. No we wont go out in a nuclear fire but real heat and fire from all the trees in the entire world burning to the Ground. All we can hope for is being able to breathe the oxygen we make and the ocean makes. How long that will last is anyone’s guess mine is 40 years. And according to Jair Bolsonaro the idiot in charge of Brazil the fires burning in the amazon were started by all the environmental groups to make him look bad. That guy is such a Douchebag and when we say Douchebag we mean someone who should definitely not be in charge of anything kind of like any and all politicians because they are all greedy lying hypocrites that like to burn things what in the parlance we would call criminals. Jair Bolsonaro is the current Biggest lying sack of shit in the world listen to this he says straight faced……

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#10 Celso pina
Celso Pina Death Search Celso Pina renowned mexican musician dies at 66. Celso Pina Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

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