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#1 Angel Has Fallen
Angel Has Fallen sounds like more trash oh it stars Gerrard Butler so Angel Has Fallen is trash.Just watch the trailer for Angel Has Fallen and decide for yourself we wont be watching. Its so bad it’s like last years Paid for Search.

The New York Times

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#2 Patrick Chung
Patrick Chung Whoever that is We think Patrick Chung is just sorry he got caught Hopefully he will wake up and smell the coffee Cocaine is for the Birds. On second thought maybe he should just keep on snorting he doesn’t have much hope left for any other career Good Luck Patrick Chung.


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#3 Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift we have no comment on Taylor Swift except to say she is lying, backstabbing, double dealing two timing Whore And sh played for free today in Central Park if you were dumb enough to go and see her there it was AWFUL.  But we love her new song! Just kidding! AND her re-recording all her old songs, Its just a Publicity Stunt and the following lawsuit will be a publicity stunt as well……


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#4 India vs West Indies
India vs West Indies sports Related Cricket Search!

India Today

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#5 Overcomer
Overcomer great Message hopefully it’s a good story but I guess we will have to watch it and see… Not! Overcomer all we can say is we are over come with sadness to see this Paid for search in at #5 Overcomer can be seen at Beacon Stadium Cinemas where ever the #uck they are. Overcomer they really have a few things to over come that’s for sure!

Tampa Bay Times

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#6 Titanic
Titanic oh lord its a slow day in Most searched for Top40 list land today. Some other Goof Ball hooked up with National Geographic went down to look at the Titanic again just to tell us “Titanic is falling apart because of all the corrosion”
National Geographic • 7h ago

National Geographic

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#7 Larry Swearingen
Larry Swearingen Death Search and all we can say is it’s about time. Larry Swearingen a convicted murderer on death row for over 20 years is finally executed. No wonder we have so many mass murderers they know they will get to live for at least another 20 years and thats in Texas one of the most strict states in the country. Our judicial system is a joke. We should kill them fast or brainwash them really good.

The Week Magazine

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#8 Tour Championship
Tour Championship Sports Related Golf tournament BORING! Tour Championship? So thats where all the corporate money is going to fund golf tournaments for already rich old white men. However if your really good and can get into play you don’t have to be white or rich. Just look at Tiger Woods

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