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#1 Barcelona
Barcelona not them again. Barcelona vs Real Betis. Barcelona won in this Sports related Paid for search. Barcelona come on Google thats a pretty low threshold to start with 200k surely there was something besides a soccer team name that people searched for?
The Guardian • 2h ago

The Guardian
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#2 Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh mot the guitar player the Idiotic Former Illinois state Representative Joe Walsh. Joe Walsh is obviously doing it for publicity or he got caught up in his own little ego bubble. An ego bubble is when someone thinks something is true and thinks that everyone else muist think it with out really knowing the truth. We call Joe Walsh a Negative Ego Bubble Head He must not have very many colleagues listen to this bubble head…..

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#3 Tropical Storm Dorian
Tropical Storm Dorian Okay maybe it will become a full blown cat 5 hurricane but that is doubtful. Tropical Storm Dorian just a Tropical Storm Dorian.

Miami Herald
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#4 Rory McIlroy
Rory Mcllroy Golf is boring Sports Related Paid for search Golf and Rory Mcllroy two of the most boring names in Search term ranking. But the search gods have declared Rory Mcllroy #4 in today’s Top40 list.
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#5 Starz
Starz not only do we not care about Starz the so called cable network but we especially do not care about Power the copy cat show that no one ever heard of or cared about. Starz you cant just throw money and big mouth has been Starz at an audience of critics and expect an award. Lets face it you don’t have that many fans or that much money. Here is the trailer to a Starz show Power

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#6 Rory McIlroy wife
Rory McIlroy’s Wife now this really is pathetic Sports Related Paid for Search come now Google your slip is showing. in at #4 Rory Mcllroy now in at #6 Rory McIlroy’s Wife. Rory McIlroy’s Wife may be much better looking than Rorry Mcllroy but please give us some more interesting search terms. BTW Rory McIlroy’s Wife your Husband just won the FEDEXCUP Golf Tournament you now have $15,000,000 more dollars to spend
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#7 Blake Lively
Blake Lively once again Google disguises a paid for search as real information that they insist people care about. Blake Lively is definitely one for our hottest hotties list but thats about it. happy B-day Blake Lively. We didnt know you were such a publicity hound Blake Lively born on today’s date and pregnant who knew you could be so productive.

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#8 Aaliyah
Aaliyah one of the worst days in search term ranking history. Aaliyah is dead and they found her body and autopsied it get over it.
Showbiz Cheat Sheet • 8h ago

Showbiz Cheat Sheet
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#9 Soma
Soma OMG not the Bra manufacturing company I was thinking more along the lines of the Soma muscle relaxer or maybe the Soma Video game much better than this utterly abject search term Soma the $15 dollar bra sale. We’ll take 40 of them.
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#10 Duke Johnson
Duke Johnson never heard of dont care about this sports related search. But here he is Duke Johnson in at #10 Duke Johnson running back and its all just a fantasy….
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