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#1 Jessi Combs
Jessi Combs A Death Search never heard of her but she’s the fastest woman dead. People are fascinated with death Jessi Combs who was known as the fastest woman alive for driving in her rocket car at 398 mph but unfortunately had an accident and died so everyone is searching for Jessi Combs. Our condolences go out to Jessi Combs friends and family.

The New York Times

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#2 Joker
Joker okay just saying the word Joker that’s funny tried and true everyone seems to like the same old thing. Or is it just that no one has any artistic creativity any more or we just let every one play the same part and let their artistic creativity shine through that might be fun to watch or to watch all of the People that have ever played the joker in one clip. So far everyone who has ever played the Joker in Batman has been awesome or super scary To me its the same old same old. But this is the origin story of how the Joker came to life never before seen on the big screen. But you decide for yourself…..


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#3 Travis Scott
Travis Scott and look society, give anyone a little money and with no talent and a big mouth you too can get onto our Top40 List Just Look at Travis Scott he thinks he can fly. Watch the trailer we think its about how he was nominated for a grammy and how he made a rap album. He didnt win the grammy and never made had any song make it to #1 But here is the trailer of what happened supposedly….


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#4 CBD
CBD every snake oil product has to have a salesman. CBD has Rob Gronkowski and every other gullible sot will buy it. however does recommend holistic type approaches to your health and well being and if its grown from a plant it cant be too bad. LOL If your on the fence or dont know much about CBD watch the video from Dr. Oz………


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#5 Prince Andrew
Prince Andrew poor sap and have you seen the picture of  Prince Andrew and his Epstein accuser Virginia Guiffre yes she looks so happy all we’d like to know is How much did she get paid and did she have any benefits when she worked for Epstein? Prince Andrew yes he knew what he was doing and so does she taking all of them to the cleaners.

CNN International

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#6 Kevin O’Leary
Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame was driving his boat around in the dark on a lake in Ontario.  Kevin O’Leary had his Boat running lights on whoever they hit and killed didn’t So technically this is a Death Search.

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#7 Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones Death Search no just kidding whoever this is named Leslie Jones is quitting Saturday Night lIve after 5 whole years. Leslie Jones you go get em girl.

CBS News

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#8 Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs Death Search No really Steve Jobs is dead and has been the picture of the guy in Egypt JUST LOOKS LIKE STEVE JOBS!

Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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#9 Sloane Stephens
Sloane Stephens someone we have never heard of was upset today by Anna Kalinskaya some other tennis player we havenever heard of. Our Condolences go out to Sloane Stephens in her loss today at the U.S. Open Sloane Stephens needs to find a new career.


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#10 Red Sox vs Rockies
Red Sox vs Rockies boring Sports related search a couple of baseball teams played a game Red Sox vs Rockies

Rox Pile

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