Top 10 Political Liars

Nothing to see Here! Move Along! This Happens Everyday and Every single Politician has done it!

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Yes that slight tilt of the head to the left, the blinking of an eye, the change of tone or slight quiver in the voice sometimes it’s obvious who’s lying, But some of these politicians are experts at lying some we will never know about or dont care because it is so yesterday. Some of these poor wretches there conscience just got to them. Really all it takes is experience the more you got the better you get at lying among other things. Basically the most popular politician is invariably the best liar we need to change the way and reason we even have elected officials we really don’t need any of them. Yes, Its sad but true we have actually come to expect it from our elected officials. No it didn’t start with Donald Trump. But now we do have the internet bigger than ever to find anyting in an instant and AI programs that check the spoken and written facts automatically. If you like our “Top 10 Political Liars” list you can vote or reorganize it just like “Ranker” or you can add another video of any Political liars or stories about lying behavior at the bottom of our “Political” foes We mean friends list, and Vote it up. LOL


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