Top 10 Ukraine Related Postings on the Internet. But the real question should be why are we “giving” Ukraine money for nothing in the first place? The only reason that comes to mind is, so they can give it back to their friends and family and basically do what we ask them to do, that is “a” definition of corruption. Politics is corrupt. We the People can do a better job.

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Let’s Face it we are all citizens of the “Earth” and are all basically the same. The United States government for some reason, mainly greed gone to their heads, still thinks its citizens are clueless and that they can get away with anything. For example giving billions of our tax dollars to the Ukrainian government and then they give some of it back through various means. one method of “cleaning” the money starts when an oligarchs company takes some of our tax dollars that were given to them by our “clueless & Corrupt” elected Government officials and then they give it back to certain people from america with big political ties who they hired to be on their companies Board of Directors and then simply give our tax dollars back in the form of a salary to those same “Well connected people” and they are definitely not sharing it with us. And That my friends and readers is the definition of corruption and its been going on for decades. Trump was getting to the bottom of it and stepped in a very big pile of corruption and it starts with the United States.
#1 Kyiv • Ukraine
Washington Post • 1 hour ago

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Kyiv or Kiev correct spelling EXPLAINED

You get might confused when you see two different types of spelling of the Ukrainian capital. Which one is correct?

#2 Ukraine • Ukrainian language

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#3 Ukraine • Russia • Volodymyr Zelensky
The Epoch Times • 6 hours ago

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Russia returns seized Ukrainian naval ships | DW News

Russia has returned three naval ships it captured from Ukraine last year. The handover took place off the coast of the disputed Crimea region. At the time of the seizure, Russia accused the Ukrainian navy of illegally entering its waters. This move is the latest effort to ease tensions between the two countries before a peace summit next month.

#4 Volodymyr Zelensky • Igor Kolomoisky • President of Ukraine • Russia

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Cooper: Ukraine asked about aid holdup on day of Trump-Zelensky call

Pentagon official testifying in impeachment probe reveals that Ukraine was aware of the delay in critical security aid as early as late July. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation.

#5 Russia • Ukraine • Federal Security Service

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Russia: Ex-Black Sea Fleet officer detained on suspicion of spying for Ukraine

A former employee of the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, Leonid Parkhomenko, was detained in Sevastopol on Tuesday, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement released on Thursday. Parkhomenko is suspected of treason for allegedly carrying out espionage on behalf of the Ukrainian state, according to the FSB.

#6 Sergei Polunin • Volodymyr Zelensky • Vladimir Putin • Ukraine

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Sergei Polunin: Blacklisted by Ukraine, shunned by the ballet establishment

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to Sergei Polunin on taking on the ballet establishment, how he was blacklisted from entering his home country of Ukraine, his support for Vladimir Putin and Russia, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, how to beat the establishment after being shunned by it, and more.

#7 Boris Johnson • 

Russia • Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections • KGB • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Mansion Global • 18 hours ago

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The history of Russia’s 2016 election meddling in 4 minutes

There is no doubt that Russia’s government attempted to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Here’s what we know.

#8 Democratic Party • 
Ukraine • Republican Party • Adam Schiff • Donald Trump • Devin Nunes • Special Counsel investigation • 6 hours ago

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UKRAINE CONTROVERSY: President Trump Says Democrats Have Lost It

Uploaded by FOX 10 Phoenix on 2019-09-25.

Ukraine is fighting a war — and an internal battle against corruption

Ukraine, battling Russian-backed separatists, is the only European country at war. The conflict has killed 13,000 people, displaced millions and pushed tensions between Russia and the West close to Cold War levels. It has also strained a society and government already fighting corruption.

Trade Wars and their Influence on the Global Economy, KIEF 2019

International corporations, think tanks, public sector and non-governmental organizations, countries and alliances create a model of global cooperation that is not able to respond properly to the economic challenges of the modern world. The system needs to be radically reformed. What essential principles should underpin the new system and what political actors will shape it?


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