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Songland sounds like a great way for already established singer songwriters to find new talent or a new song and that’s exactly what it is. Songwriter-producers Ester Dean, Shane McAnally and Ryan Tedder make up the main cast of Songland kind of like the judges on American Idol or The Voice. The twist is a major singer songwriter star comes on the show looking for a new “Original” song to sing themselves. The contestants have to write and sing the songs themselves and prove it to the host-judges who eliminate one of the 4 contestants. The Star gets the final say of the 3 remaining songs. The Star this week it’s H.E.R. picks the winner and they get that song for themselves. The contestant wins and gets famous and a recording contract of some sort. Confused? Well don’t be, Songland is a show that is promoting new artists and giving them their “Big Break” on national televison. So watch H.E.R. and the “Judges” and the contestants on Songland H.E.R. is the Musical Guest star this week and knows just the type of song she is looking for. You can decide which song  is best right here right now by signing up and then upvote your favorite and downvote the competition.

#3 Jocelyn Alice Performs “How Could You Not Know?” (Produced by Shane McAnally) – Songland 2020

After working with Producer Shane McAnally, Songland songwriter Jocelyn Alice sings the updated version of the original song "How Could You Not Know?"

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