Top 40 Free Apps for iPhone

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The Top 40 Free Apps for iPhone

Our friends at hooked us up with a premium top40 list here is what they had to sat: We tracked down 40 great iPhone apps including utilities, games, and social networking services that don’t cost a cent.

#2 Chess With Friends Free 3.04

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Newtoy Inc.;

Free, full games on the iPhone are extremely hard to come by. Chess With Friends, while not the most exciting app, lets you play the classic game against friends who also have iPhones/iPod touches. It features push notifications so you can see when the other player has moved. The game delivers ads between turns, but after a few moves you get used to it and move right along.

#3 CNBC 1.1

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NBC Universal Inc.;

CNBC’s real-time app with push notifications keeps you up to speed with what's happening in the business world. The app lets you create a portfolio so you can keep track of your stocks in real time. It also allows you look at historical charts and pre- and post-market trading. So, the next time a dire financial crisis hits, at least you can follow it with pretty colors and graphics, right on your iPhone.

#4 Cube Runner 1.2

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Andy Qua;

This diabolically simple and addictive game lets you control an arrow that is flying through rows of digital cubes. The point of the game is to not hit any cubes, flying through for as long as you can. In the background, throbbing techno music jams along as you pilot your arrow. Sure, the graphics look like a 1983-era arcade game, but that's what you get for zero dollars, and some older iPhone users might dig the resemblance to the Atari games of yesteryear.


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