Top 40 Free Apps for iPhone

#33 Stanza 1.9.1

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Lexcycle, Inc.;

Not falling for Kindle for iPhone and Amazon’s grip on the e-book market? We actually like Stanza a little bit better for reading books on an iPhone. Stanza is a very open e-book reader that can display many types of files and lets you format them however you want. We especially like that Stanza has a large free library of 50,000 books you can peruse. It may not have as many titles for regular purchase like Kindle, but it compensates with free content and more functions.

#34 Tap Tap Revenge 2.6.2

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Before Rock Band came to the iPhone, Tap Tap Revenge and its sequels were the most-talked about music and rhythm games. Tap Tap Revenge 3 costs a little money, but Tap Tap 2, which is a tad less flashy and just about as fun, is totally free. It lets you download free songs to play along to such as Jackson 5’s "ABC" and Fall Out Boy’s "Sugar We’re Goin' Down." Most of the songs aren’t that famous and it occasionally freezes, but it’s still a great time-waster.

#35 TripIt 1.4

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Planning to take a trip? TripIt will keep you organized. The app lets you use TripIt’s well-respected Web-based software to build a master itinerary. From there, you can add corresponding information like weather, maps, and directions. After putting together your itinerary, you can shoot your info to people on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

#36 Truveo Video Search 1.3.0

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Truveo, AOL's video search engine, claims to have more than 150 million clips to choose from. (That’s a lot.) The app lets you watch free videos over Wi-Fi and 3G. It has some problems; you’ll notice it pulls many selections from YouTube and some videos simply won’t play. But Truveo works well more often than not, and really, who doesn’t like watching clips and full-length episodes of shows for free?

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